8 Brands that are Killing it on Snapchat Right Now

Digital Marketing

April 6, 2017


Once upon a time marketing used to be a boring advertisement in the newspapers and that was just how creative it could get. It’s just astonishing, what a big jump marketing has made. Now marketing isn’t the mainstream gimmick it once used to be.
If you’re an entrepreneur, a start up, a thriving business or a well established company and think Snapchat is only for selfie-obsessed teenagers – you’re not just living under a rock but also missing out on some serious marketing!

One thing that you should remember though is that just like all other social media networks, you can’t possibly expect anything to happen miraculously. It needs time and patience. So businesses active on Snapchat with a hope that they will start benefiting within a few days, have definitely got it all wrong. Also, another thing about Snapchat that you should remember is that it demands you to tell your own personal story. So if you’re a brand and you’re thinking if you should move to Snapchat, don’t forget that your fans want to know what goes on inside your brand, your people, your story.

Before moving on to Snapchat you might also want to consider your target audience. Because let’s face it, a brand catering to older people will never do well on Snapchat since it’s mostly the young generation that is present on the platform. On the other hand, if you are catering to the younger crowd, there isn’t a better place than this platform to pitch your target customers
That is exactly why you see all these brands like Buzzfeed, General Electric, Hubspot, etc. going out of their way to engage their audiences. These are the brands that are making their users fall in love with them not just for their products but for their name. This relationship is so up close and personal that it goes way beyond traditional marketing and promotions. It’s like connecting to your users on a human level. You’re no longer brand and audience- you’ve established a friendship.
If you are also a Snapchat lover, then well, why are you not following these brands?



Who does not love when brands really understand what the users will like? Well, Taco Bell is one example of that. It has managed to be the eye catcher, the showstopper of Snapchat. It has gone to win millions of users hearts with its crazy stories that include colorful artwork, that’s really unique and is loved by almost everyone who follows Taco Bell. Haven’t followed it yet? You need to right now! The brand also doesn’t miss out on important days like Valentine’s Day and makes it users fall in love with it with its campaigns all over again.



Who would have thought that a brand that sold socks could be such a hot shot on social media, that too on Snapchat? Well. As they say unexpected things happen. FeatSocks.com proved just that but more.

They’re not just the heroes when it comes to social media but they know how to be the real kings! The brand keeps its users engaged through various interactions and fun stuff they post. If ever you feel like you’re getting bored- Feet Socks will not only kill your boredom but also put you in a happy mood.

Don’t believe us? So, Snapchat has this feature that lets you know whenever someone takes a screenshot of your story and it’s not any surprise that FeatSocks.com gets tons of screenshots on each story that it posts.

Sour Patch Kids (CONTESTS + PRANKS= 10/10)

Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids, their sweet, soft, chewy candy isn’t just a treat for the tongue, but a treat for the eyes and ears as well.

When they jumped into social media nobody thought they’d be such rock stars but they just knew how to nail it. As soon as they joined Snapchat, they got their users awestruck. It was hard not to notice them. They gained popularity very quickly by going through a little different approach. Who likes the beaten track anyway?
So they started pulling a number of funny pranks in the public and very soon they were the centre of attention of Social Media. They also started launching a number of outfit contests which helped them create awareness about who they are!
They have a particular campaign on Snapchat where a blue boy (a sour patch kid) is let loose on the planet. This helped them gain more than 100,000 followers.



Nope, they’re not like any other consumer brand you might have seen. They’re a digital media brand and publish everything hot happening around the world. Since its viewership includes a lot of young readers, they found the perfect opportunity to be present on the platform. Since the time they have chosen Snapchat as the platform, they have used it as a means for live reporting. If you follow them on Snapchat then we’re sure it’s hard to forget their reporting of New York’s “Snowmageddon” or the SXSW coverage. The coverage is so real that it makes you feel like you were right there.



When it’s holiday season, Amazon is the real Snapchat hero. Not just the holidays, their ‘Black Friday’ promotions on Snapchat are a real hit as well.

When Amazon launched themselves on Snapchat, they entered with a ‘bang’ by giving out exclusive promotional deals!

It isn’t just promotions that the brand does. They go all the way out to make sure that the followers are engaged and engrossed with what they have to say.


Products teasers can go a long way and no one better than Acura to prove that. Through a series of product teasers, they managed to create enough buzz. To increase the excitement, they give out exclusive teasers to people on Snapchat.



Snapchat is without doubt a great place for makeup brands. Girls love makeup and they love Snapchat. Do you think there needs to be a better reason for a makeup brand to be on Snapchat?
Birchbox created a series of stories of a woman; and how she transforms from natural to glamorous with Birchbox. When you see their stories you are bound to love them too. They play it very smartly as they give valuable and interesting stuff to the users while also promoting their own brand.



If you thought that Snapchat can only be used by brands for marketing, we’d like to give you a reality check. Apart from branding and marketing, brands are also using Snapchat for hiring talent. And one great example of that is GrubHub as it uses the platform stories around its hiring drives to create awareness amongst its target audience.

We are pretty sure it’s time for other brands too to start moving out of their comfort zones and experiment newer forms of marketing. It’s 2017 and if you want your audiences to like you, you’ve got to change with time too, eh?

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