How Content Has Evolved over the Years?

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October 4, 2017

Yeah, misleading, problematic, ironic! These are the unnecessary facts behind content of today!
One thing I’ve been reading lately on the internet is, the content is king, the content is king!

Stop that! Don’t jump onto my horses, let me live and fly high and no, content is not the king unless your audience crowns you!

So much hype around content these days, the people have started thinking that only content is their road to salvation.

Come on man, be a sport! Even Shakespeare was not that consistent with his once in awhile novel and you expect to have the supreme quality meticulously plastered lies presented in a truthful manner until each fucking end of the day right at your desk.

Well, yes!
If you want to survive then it’s the only way! To create balance between the quality and quantity, you need to work harder than ever.

balance between the quality and quantity

What if we remove content from the term Internet or more generally our daily lives, now what’s left?

Nothing! We are what we hear, listen and read!

Nothing more, nothing less!

We are what we hear, listen

(I am pretty upset with the dictionary makers to have coined the term Internet instead of netcon for our beloved piece of-as-real-as-water entity.)

Let’s go back to the times, when content was pretty obsolete term and content writer was just a menace.

(Like it’s not today!)

The Newspaper Era

The Newspaper Era

(Old newspaper put to good use!)

Oh, really?

People were pretty dumb back then! Devouring themselves in the bits of paper without realizing the source and authenticity of the content!

Well, that’s the reason people didn’t know how to tell lie!

See, that’s my idea to eradicate lies.

To swallow the idea of truth will lead us to the heavenly planet where everything will be just simple, plain truth!

How do you differentiate between truth and lie anyway?

Now Comes the Plagiarization!

Content Plagiarization

Well, plagiarization was there all along even before 80s, but since the introduction of Internet, people now know the source of it!

Such devastation for the human kind, people are better off without knowing the source of inspiration otherwise, how will you look at the big industry with the same dreamy teary eyes again?

When Internet came, everybody was so happy and engrossed into it that they didn’t realize that now everything has become commercialized as now before uttering words you have to think about the possible ramifications and your status mostly.

Online Journals to Journalism

Online Journals to Journalism

According to some credible sources, guys like mod.ber and rec.humor.funny made it possible for people to flush their ideologies at one point. People would come and put down their thoughts into words either in the comment section or did a short weblog over it.
(ancient word for blog, now obsolete as it looks uncool).

These places were either full of crap or information, but they were beaming with pride anyway!

Then came our beloved media, more commonly known as presstitutes nowadays.
Still I love media agencies, they know how to sell their content, I don’t!
(Damn, I envy you guys)



This is something I enjoyed for quite some time! You don’t have to write for anybody else, but for yourself and then ever ferociously I made a mistake!!

You already know what I did, believed in the phenomena of follow your passion and you’ll never work a day!
It’s all bullshit.

Keep your interests away so that they remain interests only not your day to day lives.

Now there are all sorts of bloggers, food, fashion, mommy and what not! Making money out of it, thinking that they’re making a difference when actually…

Let’s leave it there as It’s you to decide!

(Meanwhile, my blogger friends can maximize their productivity with this quick guide)

War on Social Media

Before it begun, let’s first understand why we had to undertake such a ruthless path!

Social media was making people go head over their heels and it did not stop just there, the legs were spread and a shitty universe opened up. And people, ugh no matter what, they just couldn’t resist themselves from being attracted to the opening.

When you grasp it whole, you would understand that it’s not just people forgetting how to live and breathe, it’s somewhat bigger than that, it’s about ideologies!

Social media platforms are also known as microblogging sites, they intended it in the sense of word count, well I feel it’s different than that!

The narrow mindsets have some play in it and even narrower dreams have justified that!
There is nothing new and even when there’s something new trending, it has its roots deep in the past.

People spread all kinds of misogyny, hate, love and stupidity, well I have just one response for them which is.

“These violent delights have violent ends”!

violent ends

The Conclusion

Although content has come far along whether in the backward or in the forward direction, I’m not so sure, but one thing is clear as crystal meth of Breaking Bad which is,
“I’m the one who knocks”!

You want to know the meaning of it, ask the person who visits you next time!
There is only one thing that they want from you i.e. Content! Be it emotional, physical or commercial!

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