Top 5 video editing software for every user in 2022

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April 5, 2024

“The massive rise of video marketing and influencer marketing has increased the
demand for video editing software.”
Today, anyone can quickly shoot videos through smartphones and DSLRs and
edit videos.

While this has raised the interest among content creators, to shoot videos and edit on their own. And many get confused
in choosing the best suitable video editing software, due to the dozens of software available on the internet.

Amid this confusion, we have brought you the top 5 video editing software. This software will help you edit your raw
footage with ease, and improve its standard.

With this list of software, you can edit any kind of video, from reels to vlogs, from short films to corporate videos
and use
them for your social media.
So, get ready to choose the best suitable one for you!

Top 5 video editing software

Adobe Premiere Pro

A person is working on laptop

Adobe Premiere Pro is widely popular amongst video editors
across the world. This software is user-friendly and loaded with abundant features. However, Premiere Pro holds the
brand value of Adobe, which makes it more popular among beginners as well.

Whereas “Adobe” is known for its extensive range of niche editing software. And this has kept the Premiere Pro at the
top as well.

This software is suitable for professionals and beginners, where you can edit videos at a basic level for professionals.
You will also have an integrated video editing experience with its features, and get an undegradable quality output.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the Adobe Premiere Pro


  • Users: Mac and windows
  • Key features: 3D editing and multi-cam editing
  • Best for: Everyone
  • Pricing: starting from ₹1,700/m with 7 days free trial and seasonal discounts.


  • The user-friendly interface of Adobe Premiere Pro attracts various kinds of users.
  • You easily do color correction for your raw footage with help of Auto color correction support.
  • 3D video editing is another recently added feature, which makes Premiere Pro stand out among others.
  • Media library of Adobe to support your editing
  • Comparison window for you to view the before and after editing footage at the same time.


  • Audio mixing and audio editing feature and their adjustments elevate your video,
  • Synchronized editing in Premiere Pro helps you save time, by editing multiple videos at the same time.
  • This software supports multiple file formats.
  • Adobe users always have the advantage of sharing their work with other fellow team members or friends, which
    creates an easy workflow.


  • To run Adobe Premiere Pro smoothly on your device, you need a high-end specs PC or laptop.
  • The subscription-based model might hit you hard if you are not using the software regularly.


2. Apple Final Cut Pro:

Apple Final Cut Pro

Apple Final Cut Pro is another
popular and industry-standard video editing software, which is used across the world by movie and television
professionals. It is a tough competitor to the Adobe Premiere Pro, however, to use Final Cut Pro you need to have

Also, this software is not based on a subscription model. You
need to purchase the software while installation, and that’s it, you can use it until you wish to. 

Final Cut Pro comes with various high-end features and a simple user interface, which
makes it easy to use with quality video editing. 

To know more about Final Cut Pro, check out this quick gun details


  • Users: Mac
  • Key features: smart color grading
    and multi-cam editing
  • Best for: Everyone – professionals
    to beginners
  • Pricing: around ₹27,000
    (one-time charges)


  • The stylish and sleek user
    for a better experience. 
  • Now, you can render your videos in the background, which saves
    you multiple hours. 
  • The newly added features – face detection and shot detection will help you
    create smart collections in chronology.
  • Edit before you import – if you are importing multiple heavy footage, it takes time. Now, you can start
    editing along with importing. 
  • You can easily color correct your videos with auto color correction and color-matching features for matching
    colors between clips.


  • Trackless timeline
  • This software supports 360-degree video
    editing with wide color spaces.
  • Seamless performance is another added
  • Auto analysis of face and scene with
    smart collections of footage.


  • Import and export of Final Cut Pro users
    can experience the trail in those of Premiere Pro.

Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi Video Editor Plus


Movavi Video Editor Plus is an innovative software. However, it might not be the
frequently popping name among your editor friends, but it is like a magic wand for beginners. Where you can learn, use, and experiment using various advanced features with a simple

We use the Movavi Video Editor on a daily basis, and we say
that this is the best go-to software
, if you are a Youtuber, if you are editing
short films, or if you are editing short marketing videos, then look nowhere. 

With Movavi, you edit a quality video of transitions and effects. Along with this, you
can directly upload it on Youtube or Vimeo. And this software has the fastest output rendering among its

Get the quick eye-scanning details of Movavi Video Editor here 


  • Users: Windows and Mac
  • Key features: Chroma Key editing,
    Video stabilization, and multi-cam support.
  • Best for: Youtubers, beginners,
    and marketers
  • Pricing: free and paid versions
    are available, along with Movavi’s other software. 


  • Fast processing of high-quality videos such as 4k footage.
  • Quality effects and transitions.
  • You get media libraries for patchwork.
  • Movavi Video Editor Plus supports multiple languages.
  • Easy Chroma key editing with other advanced features, such as multi-video support, voiceover, and easy conversion of horizontal video into


  • User-friendly interface with an
    easy-to-understand toolbox. 
  • Quality transitions with sound will help
    you edit quality videos.
  • The Chroma key feature gets the hefty job
  • The picture-in-picture tool is one of the
    best and key features for quality Youtube videos. 


  • Rendering takes time, it is comparatively
  • Trim modes and pre-trimming of the clips
    are basic. 


4. DaVinci Resolve:

DaVinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is used by professionals, and it is a tough competitor to Premiere Pro
and Final Cut Pro. This software is an integrated video editor tool, which combines multiple things, such as editing,
color corrections, motion graphics, visual effects, and audio post-production. 

We can call it a complete package, which is worth its
price. Davinci Resolve is used by movie and television professionals.
And one of the reasons to use Davinci
Resolve over others is the color correction support it gives to the users. 

Explore the glimpse of Davinci Resolve for quick details 


  • Users:  Windows, Mac, and
  • Key features: Advanced color
    correction, remote collaboration with cloud-based workflow, quality visual effects, and motion graphics. 
  • Best for: Professionals and
  • Pricing: Free download is
    available and Davinci Resolve Studio will cost you around


  • Davinci Resolve has excellent color science, due to which it has great
    tools for color grading, including 8k real-time footage.
  • The cloud-based workflows for remote collaboration, through which you can
    collaborate on the same timeline anytime and anywhere.
  • Quality visual effects and motion graphics. This will take your videos to
    the next level and you can use for social media strategy.
  • Easy to use toolbox and interface.


  • Many advanced editing features for niche
  • Clear and clean interface, which makes it
    easy to use.
  • Next-level audio editing
  • Motion graphics and media libraries.


  • Need a lot of resources from the system.


Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora

Are you an occasional editor? Are you learning video editing? Want to try hands on other
software? Then Filmora is the best solution for it. 

Filmora is the best different users, except professional movie and television editors.
The pricing of Wondershare Filmora is reasonable as well. 

It is particularly developed for Youtubers, influencers, and marketing videos. The
software is loaded with effects, built-in titles, and filters, which makes your editing an easy go.

Also, Wondershare Filmora has a media library for your patch works on video, and this is
royalty-free. These things make Filmora a complete video editing software for

Check out the quick scroll Wondershare Filmora details


  • Users: Windows and Mac
  • Key features: 4k video editing,
    built-in effects, titles, and filters
  • Best for: short video editors,
    learners, and enthusiastic minds,
  • Pricing: starting from $9.99
    per month.


  • A simple user interface. Gets easy for beginners to learn, and editors to
    edit as well.
  • Audio editing and ready sound effects to elevate videos.
  • Royalty-free library with abundant resources.
  • Built-in titles and extensive text tools.


  • It is inexpensive. 
  • A plethora of effects and
  • Pleasing interface, which is extremely
    helpful for learners and editors. 
  • Fast rendering.


  • Limited fine-tuning and effect tweaking
    tools comparatively. 
  • Software crashes occasionally.


These are the top 5 video editing software for 2022 that we recommend as a Website designing company in Delhi. Contained within this list is a
harmonious blend of software catering to diverse preferences – from those eager to acquire editing skills, to
individuals seeking novel software experiences, and even those in pursuit of the pinnacle in software performance. Our
earnest aspiration is that these meticulously curated recommendations have proven instrumental in guiding you towards
your goals, aiding your software selection journey with tailored options suited to your learning aspirations, creative
exploration, and optimal software utilization.

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