5 Best Ways to Use Videos in Social Media Strategy

“Social media marketing is one of the essential types of marketing for building a brand—connecting it with the audience closely, keeping them engaged, and building trust.” For powerful social media marketing, you need an effective and tested social media strategy. 

Your social media strategy will not be effective in today’s time if your strategy doesn’t include video marketing for social media. The domination of video content on social media is more, where your brand will strive to new heights. So, the social media marketing agency in Delhirecommends making use of social video marketing. 

What is Social Video Marketing? 

The name means everything about it! Social video marketing is about marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube through videos. Since these platforms have added new features, after the TikTok ban in India. Where they prioritize and encourage the users to make short video content up to 30 seconds-1 minute. 

There are ample benefits of social video marketing such as reaching a wider audience in a quick time, keeping the audience engaged, vigorous growth in engagement, enhancing the message of the brand, and creating an impact on the prospect. 

After knowing these fewer benefits of social video marketing—it might have impressed to make use of videos in social media marketing, then here are the 5 best ways to use such content explained by the social media agency in Delhi

5 Best Practices of Video Content on Social Media Platforms: 

1. Focus on Content: 

When you are making videos, then focus more on content than the message you are to give—else make content around the message. Users on the platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. are engaged in watching short, crisp, and relative content. Vines, situation-like content, and compilations are some types of content trends, that users are consuming in large numbers. You can make use of such video content and maintain consistency, which will help you to improve the insights and engagements on social media platforms. 

2. Youtube Shorts: 

If you are already making use of Youtube, then you must make videos for Shorts! It has been recently added to Youtube and is good, informative content, then you can attract a wide audience on this platform, where attracting content on Youtube was never easy–it is made simple, easy, and engaging content. Since everyone is making use of short video content, and to leverage its benefits for the users, platforms have introduced such a feature. 

3. Influencers marketing through Videos: 

Influencer marketing is another dominating marketing form on the internet. Since there are new viral content creators, who grabbed a wider audience’s attention on the social media platforms. The social media marketing agency in Delhi recommends performing influencer marketing tools if you don’t have a huge budget to create video content. 

You can find the suitable influencer with high engagements on the specific social media platform, you are targeting. These social media creators have created a buzz with their video content, and you can make use of those to promote your products and services. 

4. Make Factual Videos: 

When your business is into B2B, then you must focus on creating videos according to the platform is preferable, where the video should be statistical with formal language, appealing graphics, etc. Since B2B is more focused on their business and the emotion is not appealing for them, as B2C. 

Therefore, the social media agency in Delhi recommends reading complete details about it because both types of businesses are completely different, and their approach of them too. 

5. Pre-roll video ads: 

When you are approaching paid advertising in video format, prefer making pre-roll ads, they are much quicker and can easily attract the audience. But, the advertisement should begin with a punch or something an attractive way, which can grab the audience’s attention. 

Pre-roll ads are supported by many social media platforms and you can blend the ads with a curated platform, where you have a mass audience active on the particular social media platforms. 


Your video must have a story-telling format to engage the audience, and it must include a strong CTA that can influence and aroused the audience to take action. With all these elements you can make perfect use of videos in social media platforms. Therefore, the social media marketing agency in Delhi hopes that this blog has helped you.


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