Top 4 SEO Tools For Optimizing Ranking 2021


November 12, 2021

Mastering SEO is not easy, especially when you are just starting. However, the SEO tools are making optimization easy and simple. But finding the SEO tools is not hard, because we, an SEO company in Delhi, have brought you the best tools. Which can be used by any website holder such as eCommerce, portfolio, business, etc. 

We recommend you make use of any of the SEO tools while building the strategy, which will make it easy for you and accurate work done for you. 

  • Keyword Research –  Answer The Public:

Using the common keyword research tool will take you nowhere, so we recommend Answer The Public tool that is extremely effective for you. It is open-source, which gives you the blog topics and helps you in conducting the best keyword research. You can find the 150+ keywords within seconds. 

The user interface of the tool is simple and you can find the users’ questions they search on the forums, social media, blogs. You get plenty of keywords and search topics that will help you to get the ideas for improving the SEO content. 

  • Pocket Website Test – Google’s Test:

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test is the best tool for testing a mobile-friendly website. Responsive websites are mandatory to stay top in the SERP. Google has changed the algorithm ‘Mobile-First Indexing,’ to check whether your websites fit in it or not. You can run the test on Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool. 

This tool is optimistic since the features will help you a lot to progress with your mobile-friendly website. The feature ‘Page loading issue’ shows how you can improve the code to make it optimized. There are more features like it, which will help you to make the website SEO-friendly. 

  • Deep Analysis – Seobility:

The Seobility tool is very effective to know the deep analysis of your website. It will crawl over all the pages of your website, and find the pages that have issues and need to be optimized. The tool Seobility can identify the issues such as blocked pages, slow loading pages (page speed), technical SEO issues, sitemap problems, etc. 

You might wonder why this tool? When these features are available in other tools. Here the catch is, Seobility is open-source (Free) with a simple user interface. Where you also get to know the SEO-friendly content-related issues, and you can notice the content issue on the web page without wasting any resources. 

  • Preview Test – BROWSEO:

How you see your website is different from how Google counts your website and displays it in search engines. BROWSEO gives you the vision to know how search engines look at your website (X-Ray). You can have a preview of how your website will appear on the search engine result pages. 

This will help you to develop the strong appearance of the website (title, URL, Meta description, etc). So we recommend using this tool for making a vision of your website technically and optimizing it accordingly. Other than this, you will get many other insights about your website. 


In our final words, these 4 tools will be effective for measuring your website and search engine ranking of your website. One cannot progress without any help from tools. As an SEO company in Delhi, we say you must regularly use these tools like BROWSEO, Seobility, which will help you to progress. 

And if you are still struggling with SEO and its Google algorithm, then you must hire SEO services in Delhi. It will work on your behalf and get better results. 

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