Top SEO Benefits of Responsive Website Design


November 20, 2018

It’s the 21st century and the world is solely moving with their smartphones and tablets in hand. According to a study, people who use only one type of electronic device prefer smartphones over computers. Over 60% of online queries on search engines come via smartphones or tablets.

The trend of mobile driven era isn’t changing anytime soon. So it’s better to evolve with the ever evolving world and think about responsive web design. So what exactly is responsive web design?

When thinking about maximizing customers for your company, you need to consider all the devices people use to browse the internet. What responsive web designing does is that covers all the devices and modifies the content and design of the website according to different devices.

Now that you understand that responsive web designing is important for your users to have an ultimate user experience no matter what device they are using. Hence, responsive web design is not an option but a necessity.

But amongst all of that where does search engine optimization comes into the picture? Let me tell you how responsive web design goes hand-in-hand and affects your search engine optimization score. Listed below are the reasons how SEO benefits responsive web design.

Mobile friendly

Mobile friendly

Nowadays, responsive web design is considered as important as content and search engine optimization. Also, did you know google boosts mobile-friendly websites? In 2015, Google introduced an algorithm that used mobile friendliness as a ranking criteria in search engine result pages (SERPS).

Not only that. You’re assured increased traffic through mobiles and because of that mobile optimization has become a standard by developers in competing industries.

In the coming years, mobile searching has expected to grow exponentially and responsive web design can help your doors to high search engine optimization score.

Elimination of duplicate content

When talking about website designing, avoiding duplicate content is a major benefit. One of the things you can thank responsive web design for is that it will prevent you from making multiple websites for different devices. Let me put it plainly, making multiple websites can harm your SEO big time.

Not only that, multiple websites for computer and mobile devices will make Google algorithm see them as they are i.e. duplicate websites with the same content. This will lead to a heavy Google penalization. I’m sure getting penalized isn’t on your plan to grow your brand.

If all your web content is on a single domain google can easily look up, index and organize your content efficiently.

Other than that, if you have a single link to all the versions of your website your link building becomes easier an hence your search engine optimization (SEO) rank goes higher.

Reduced Bounce Rates

What is a bounce rate? Have you ever found yourself on a website for a couple of seconds before going away from it?

The bounce rate is the time people spend on a page on your website before they “bounce back” i.e. they click off.

So what makes people bounce back? Quality content? Sure. Anything else? Well, yes. Some people say that design weighs more than content. If you have top quality web design and content you can ensure your audience sticking to your website for longer durations.

Google being google just wants its users to have quality experience. Google interprets your high bounce rate as an indicator that your site lacks the requirements that are needed to make the visitor stay. Basically your website means nothing if you have higher bounce rates.

A properly designed website will be smart, engaging and will have whatever is required to keep your user occupied and hence decrease your bounce rates.

Increased Loading Speed

The internet users are impatient. They want each and every website to load at the blink of an eye. Nobody wants to wait more than 30 seconds for a website to load.

If your website fails to load immediately your users will surely go somewhere else. Remember there are alot of companies offering that you are and their websites will load on a whim.

So what’s that gotta do with responsive web design? If you’ve ever opened a website on your phone, you must have noticed that it takes quite a lot of time for the website to open. It can get really frustrating

Responsive web design just helps you with that. It condenses the website pages, makes them small and therefore makes them easier to load. An effortless experience allows google to deliver a faster loading speed.

Boosts Social Sharing

Boosts Social Sharing

In this age of social media dependency, everybody wants to go viral.

But how can you even go viral if your most dominant demographic online i.e. mobile users can’t access your content?

If you want shares and likes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and what not you would really want to get into responsive web designing.

That’s all you want right? Large audience? You need traffic, engagement and increased demand. Optimizing your website for mobiles and tablets, so that your users can easily access sharing buttons and comment section can give you large audience and search engine optimization (SEO) benefits alongside.

Highly Economic

Imagine the money you will save if you could boost your website with a single responsive site. You no longer need to spend a fortune on PPC advertisements, expensive digital and content marketing. Can’t you feel your money woes just fading away?

In my opinion, it is better to boost your SEO ranking with smooth and efficient responsive web designing than spending money on unnecessary shabang.

Boost in Backlinking

Now since you’re utilizing only one URL for your website your link building effortlessly piles up instead of being split into two. If you already didn’t know, link building is essential when strategizing increased SEO scores.

The higher the quality of backlinks from other websites to your website the better. Again, it’s not the quantity that matters but the quality.

Backlinking is an important mark for google. It realizes that you’re providing a quality user experience and people are loving your website therefore, it ranks you higher on the search engine result page (SERPs).

As business owners, it’s your duty to provide your audience with a better and comfortable experience and thereby making the internet a good place for your customers.

Giving your website a human experience is what responsive web design does. Planning goes a long way and implementing proper structure and mobile-friendly responsive design will surely go a long way for your brand and company.

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