Mauke pe Chauka: How Companies on Social Media are Redefining the age-old Saying

By now everyone knows the impact of social media in daily lives, however, there are some brands out
there who have hired some witty and absolutely opportunist people for their social media accounts manager.

These people don’t only promote brand theories and ideologies; instead, they have won their customers’ hearts with their
ultimately sassy and quirky responses.

Take Twitter for an example, if a brand gets indulged in a conversation with another brand or a regular
person, and by God’s grace if that reply is either savage or hilarious or sassy or the mixture of the above three, the social media viral
threads will pick it up and run as their exclusive stories like we don’t have anything better to know about.

And we, as stubborn as we are, suck these stories and talk about it with our
friends all through the day. What a shame! But, that’s who we’ve become! Less human, more geeky!

social media viral threads

These people exploit our emotions and use the social media
for their marketing benefits, and we get lured into their trap of funny or heartfelt responses
usually label them according to that one tweet.

E.g. Giving the Tinder couple a date to Hawaii, Tinder spent something
around 2-3 lacs and got around Billions in return.

How? You tell me. When that incident unfolded on social media, everybody was talking about the couple
on every platform and it got so many RTs and FAVs that the guy at Tinder thought it’s
good to intervene and make some money out of their love story.

And we who are already stubborn turned out to be hellishly stupid as well and
thought how good guy Tinder really is.

That’s how it goes, always!

What should we do?

We should immediately stop paying attention to such threads and start working towards eradicating poverty and social

Where’s fun in that?

You might feel for some time that you are significant, and your worthless soul is
deserving to have roamed 33 crores parallel universes to being born in this one, and also you are making a difference
and helping with the cause of humanity.

However, the truth is we all love problems to deal with!

Who wants a boring, dull and happy life?

No one! So, when our bigger problems are dealt with, we go out and hunt for new problems using a straight face in the
face of society.

(Aww. How good of a person he is to work towards the welfare of this

That sounds fascinating, right?

So, at the end of the day, all we do is just for that damn attention, and we can
undertake any false motives to get there. So, coming back to the point, we can’t really blame that Tinder guy for
doing what he’s supposed to.

But, what we can do is not getting too sappy and teary eyed about such incidents.

No matter how catchy these social media threads use for the story, Reply from Ola that won our hearts and proved that humanity is still alive.

Fuck that; all they did was just to help some deaf guys roam around the city on
the cost of mere thousands, which resulted in saving them Crores on advertisements.

Who’s smart now? Dumbass!

Ok, I won’t pull the plug from now on and let you decide it for yourself!

Let’s start with something sweet, sexy and scary.

1. Kit Kat

Ok, I get it. Kit-Kat is sweet, Kit Kat is sexy but how is it scary?

For you maybe not, but for us it is. I’ll tell you why!

One day a guy decided to left his car unlocked, and a thief decided to take
advantage of it. So, he/she broke in and decided to hijack his Kat-Kat which was begging for someone’s attention from
the past several hours. Amazing thing is the thief only took Kit-Kat and even left a sorry note. Read it yourself.

Kit-Kat is sweet

If the thief would have been a little bit better at his job, the guy wouldn’t have got over 1.5 lac RTs
and 4.8 lac Favs and we here wouldn’t have been discussing about how that tweet came into attention of
Hershey’s (parent company of Kit-Kat) and contacted the guy to send a guy with a truckload of Kit-Kats
to be scattered inside his car.

Don’t believe? See for yourself.


Look at the fucker’s face when he counted the Kit-Kats, and they came out to be
roughly around 6500. Sleazy Bastard!

Ok, I take that back. We shouldn’t call him that as he doesn’t know what game Kit-Kat has played here.

Let’s do the math, 1 Kit-Kat roughly costs around 20 bucks. So, 20 x 6500 + 1000
(delivery) + 100 (time wasted on contacting as time is money) = 131100 approx.

(All in Rupees, I live in India!)

And the return they got? After almost 1 year, this thread is on my no.1 position.

You know the deal with me and quality! (I too exploit the emotions bdw.)

Oh, I forgot. How’s that scary? Imagine you put your hearts into making an ad for
past 1 month and some random guy does this, and the job’s done!


2. Tinder

Look at this picture of both, such creeps!

Tinder Profile

Their names are. Oh come on, who cares! All I wanted to show is that because of
their nuisance, Tinder got benefited.

Yeah, actually! See the timings of their conversations.

Twitter Chat

Even in the comments section. Oh, come on, don’t get me too sappy! Maybe they
didn’t have time, like really!

So anyway, Tinder thought to intervene and gave them a chance to travel whatever place they like, and they have 24 hours
to decide.

FYI they went to Hawaii; for all the creeps who think that can happen to them as
well, hahahahaha.

3. Ola

Ola, an Indian company, so I wouldn’t give too much attention and words to it as I
know your obsession with “English” names.

Ola Twitter

Look at the conversation; you’ll get the idea.

(Oh, come on! I’ve mentioned about Ola before. Please refer above, I’m a patriotic Indian by heart,

4. JCPenney

February 2, 2014. The day of Super Bowl 2014 when the American departmental chain
started tweeting like their account has been hacked by an Indian, like typical one. (e.g. Meena boy anyone?)

Don’t believe, see the tweets yourself.


Well, people might create rumors as they purposefully posted such drunk tweets with “mittens” to support
USA Mittens ahead of the Winter Olympics.

You shouldn’t believe on such rumors as they don’t wanna tell you that their account was hacked by an Indian
just like Game of thrones this year.

However, Snickers and Kia Motors Tweeted like they don’t miss a damn opportunity
of selling. (Give the guy a fucking break you people, being drunk has its own advantages)

5. Oreo and Kit-Kat

This is the best one where it felt quite heartfelt resting aside all the stupid
policies of marketing, like genuinely.

A published author, Laura Ellen tweeted this:

Oreo and Kit-Kat Twitter

After that Kit-Kat got all charged up (due to her tweet or they are always charged up even during
“breaks”) and decided to have fun with Oreo by challenging them for a game of Tic-Tac-Toe.


To which, the reply from Oreo won our hearts, like genuinely.


They could have played along using zero as the cookie. Instead, they decided to
compliment Kit-Kat by showing some respect to their slogan (i.e. “have a break, have a kit-kat”).

Didn’t get it? They cut the cross and used #GiveOreoABreak as a hashtag to spread love for even the

(PS: Totally rooting for Oreo after this.)

(This hashtag was in trend for quite some time which is why we won’t shy away from linking are hashtags the social media equivalent of breaking news? )

6. Again Oreo

Since I have already expressed my love for Oreo, I would back up my argument with another instant.

During 2013’s Super Bowl, a blackout did happen, and Oh Boy, you gotta give it to
Oreo this time. Such creativity, much wow!

Oreo Cookie Twitter

(Not like how shamelessly Siddharth Malhotra promoted his film during MSG riots )

(PS: Don’t watch A gentleman, it’s a shame)

7. Victoria Plumb

“When a customer hates you, you gotta love them”!

Well, they like to think otherwise.

See for an example,

Victoria Plumb Twitter

(Liked the savageness, maybe you’ll love these as well)

8. Sainsbury’s

Is Hulk Hogan that bad? What do you think?

According to October Jones, it is! But, wait!

Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!

Sainsbury Twitter

(Such Twitter trolls always get what they deserved)

9. Taco Bell

People always say, save the best for the last!

I think this one right here just fulfilled the above criteria.

It is genuinely not-digestible that Taco Bell which is known for its witty replies could not have lent
a place in this list. As a matter of fact, it did on the 9th.

(However, the order can be according to scores or ranking, you decide!)

When Illuminati rule, Taco Bell shows them the

Basically, a pyramid and eye and circle and a bunch of other things make their symbol, and when they decided to have fun
with Taco Bell, who could’ve thought they would get such a brilliant return.

Taco Bell Twitter

Kudos, Taco Bell. (I too love you! Make me one of these in jet black mouth shape

The Conclusion.

What’s here to conclude?

A bunch of companies giving a bunch of replies to a bunch of people.

That’s it, and if you want to get too sappy over some of “supposedly” heartfelt replies, I wish you all
the luck in the world.

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