War on Social Media: The Quieter Way of “Unlearning”

Why not Social Media?

Why are we making a fuss about everything that we did to reach here and planning to continue on for a couple of more
years only to realize it again?

We shouldn’t discuss about it as there is no point in demolishing the old stereotypes only to build them again.

See for an example, if I go “Cold Turkey” and quit social media for a week or probably a
month, then what is the guarantee that I’ll remember what I’ve learned, like forever?

That my friend, time will tell!

We here, just can pray and do our duties, rest is up to God, and how he wants to see things done!

quit social media

So, let’s get on with my personal experience of making it a reality rather than the virtual world of social
. I’ll be sharing with you guys my journey throughout the week of my detox.

But, before that, read about the myths of social media here, so that you’ll be able to decide better.

Day 1: Is this F***ing Necessary?

Yeah! That is the exact same question I asked myself before deciding to call it

Social media was over for me, and I thought the whole world can go f**k itself as I “supposedly” don’t give a
damn on whatever you guys think about me on some stupid site with an opinion comprising of limited no of things and
resources that you’ve seen or experienced in your life.

(Also read: the best way to deal with trollers)

For me, it was just to ensure that I set aside all the negative
(yeah, negativity is fine but negativity with stupidity is death defying, and I envy such things
that don’t follow the laws of nature)

the laws of nature

So, anyway I uninstalled (didn’t delete my account as I knew I’m just a hypocrite just like the rest of
the world) social media apps from my phone and just waited for something to happen.

Like I should feel liberated, or a huge burden has been lifted. But, I felt
nothing, absolutely nothing.

I was using social media anyway, as we talk with people the way we should, only outward interactions. (Isn’t both just
the same?)

So, anyway I quitted social media in the old cold Turkish way, and what I feel?

Nothing till now!

Day 2: Cutting Out the Crap

Cutting Out the Crap

What is crap? You tell me, as I don’t know what should be termed as crap.

Like someone writing bad about you on social media? (But, that’s good actually as he/she is spitting it
out somewhere and what’s better than on a screen, not your face), you have to deal with a lot of people posting their
own opinion on the most tangential topics like religious obesity and art in the
(That’s what you are doing as well, right?), you get to know people’s check-ins in
then again check-ins when they get off and then hotel check-ins and then heritage site check-ins and
then pictures of food (like loads of them) and so on.

life events

But I want to ask, what’s your problem with all of it?

Social media was made to share important things and life events with closed ones, and if they find
these details intricate, then what’s you got to with it?

So, the day lasted for 24 hours as it should be without much to do but rant about
and constantly finding flaws in social media, not the people themselves.

Day 3: Finding Something Substantial to do With My Life

Finding Something Substantial

I would love to share it with you guys but can’t, as when I share things they
become less and less important to me! And, that’s something I can’t afford as of now!

So, anyway I got this awesome idea while brainstorming (alone) and decided to go with it for my new script!

How cool is that?

That’s not an example of how things just got productive, but you can take it in whatever manner you like! Well, so I
didn’t touch Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to look up for new ideas. Instead, I Googled it.

And I pulled up this great webpage talking about categories that are in trend that deserve to be written about.

(Question: If we interact with someone on the internet using some web browser or something, with our
question and get an answer of what we were looking for, will it be called social media as we are interacting with other
human beings using virtual medium?Answer: No! Social media has the rights to deal with
stupidity only. It has no shares in quality engagement. )

That’s a lie you keep on telling yourself that has gone into such a depth that it
has transcended the line between the truth and lies.

We’ll give social media a new definition some other time and would implement it as well, but, as of now, we’re
abstaining ourselves from indulging into anything related to destruction! Would that rule out social media as well?

Oh, then we need to find some other topic to talk about.

Day 4: Unthinkable Just Happened

Unthinkable Just Happened

Can you believe it? I enjoyed my bus ride.

Yeah, the yucky sweat pouring outwards off other human beings felt great again, I
stared at a new girl on my way to office and we were locked in an eye combat for almost 2 minutes, I felt bad about
everyone plugging in their headphones and forgotten how to live? (About time I guess 😉

I got down, looked around myself and noticed how everyone has ignored the heavenly essence of air, ground and sand, most
importantly sand.

I reached my office and shared the news with my “friends” about the
“new things” that I’ve just discovered.

Guess what they told me? They laughed at my face and made some awfully predictable eye contacts with each other. (I know
I’ve a lot to do in order to understand how things, people and emotions function, and also how you should react when you
already know what they are talking about!)

Isn’t it the main reason why I created so many social media accounts at the first

Day 5: The Creation of a New Universe

Creation of a New Universe

Well, that has been long overdue. I’ve already traveled a long way down the road
to getting bored of this universe, and some changes were exactly what I was looking for.

So, why not be a little fluffy and exploit the lucidity of our brains to make something that can later
be attributed to the lucidity of brains to abstain ourselves from any sins.

Anyway, I created a new channel, and here I’m gonna describe it all.

Or what I was doing from past one and a half year?

Exactly, writing!

Well, it ain’t no help! But, yeah you can ease out the pain using these naughty
little letters without anyone but you judging yourself.

Is it fun? Not at all!

So, I wanted to go back to my old and neat little tricks of satisfying my ever-sustaining hunger for attention! But,
there was not a way!

People just won’t give me attention! Why not? I don’t know! Or maybe I do know.
It’s because I’ve never given them that!

But, I’ve given them all the attention that they can possibly need! But, it’s never enough with us humans, right?

So I did what was possible, trying to interact with everybody around me with the arguments that I feel are important and
constructive towards building a new society!

Well again guess what? People like motivation only in images and somewhere where
they don’t get to know the source of it or at least personally know who’s behind it!

(Also read: How social media has divided us in the process of uniting humanity)

It looks to them as some cynic running his regular errands to live out his rest of the life thinking that he was off, at
least some sort of importance.

Guess what he doesn’t know? (I’m tired of guessing, tell me something else)

Well, that’s exactly they said. They were tired of listening and told me to go away and ditch around my face in some
other mud stricken pond instead of telling them that their ideologies are shitty and downright insignificant.

What did I do? I ditched my face in mud only to realize that mud won’t talk back
to me and obviously won’t help me with making this society a better place to live and die.

Day 6: Missing the Fun

Missing the Fun

Missing the fun? Yeah like real, real bad!

What is fun? I ask you again! Something that makes you chill and forget about your boring daily tasks.
Isn’t too much fun and chilling makes fun boring itself?

I was bored of having fun on social media, and looking funny when I don’t want to,
and liking the fun and cute activities just because they are funny, liking memes as they already have so many likes,
so one like wouldn’t grab too much unnecessary attention! (Yeah, too much lately!)

Again, what is unnecessary? We’ll talk about it some other time as it’s not related to our topic at

It’s been six long days since I’ve had my last social interaction, I’m still sending out my thoughts and ideas
to the void above
; however, there is no direct way that they can be decoded. So, it’s a waste, even if they
can be decoded wouldn’t it still be a waste?

So much wastage that I feel like my life is wasting away just like a wisp of the
air, not making any significant noise, bringing with it a ton of freshness engulfing within it all the foils and ruins
of the past.

We should agree on not using fancy words from now on, as it makes me unnecessarily eerie towards diminishing emotions
and render speechless about how much coolness do we want from this world to not feel normal at all!

(Are unnecessary se yaad aaya, we’ve given this point way more attention than it deserves.)

Again, who calls the shots at deserving? Time? Resources? God?

(For the sake of nature: Do we really deserve to live or have we made our mother Earth more polluted than it deserves?)

So, moving on with my final day of detox:

Day 7: The Final Showdown

The Final Showdown

You ready for the big revelation?

Sorry to break your heart this way but there isn’t any. I felt absolutely nothing just as I did on day one.

To conclude it, I would just say that this wasn’t something worth wasting your time upon!

Again, what is your time’s worth and where do you think it’s wasted?

Is it only money that decides what is worth and what is waste! Or the knowledge
that makes you think that you are more mature than you already are! Or the experience that you’re constantly gaining
but guess what? There cannot be any experience of death.

So what is the best way to live?

I would just quote La La Land here:

“A bit of madness is the key
to give us new colors to see,
who knows where it will lead us
and that’s why they need us.
So bring on the rebels,
the ripples from pebbles,
the painters and poets and plays.
And here’s to the fools who dream,
crazy as they may seem,
here’s to the hearts that break,
here’s to the mess we make!”

In the words of our very own Shah Rukh Khan,
Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi,
Chhanv hai kabhi, kabhi hai dhoop zindegi,
Har pal yahan, jee bhar jiyo,
Jo hai samaa, kal ho na ho!

Shah Rukh Khan

You wanna take this advice or go back to your previous ways, it solely depends on you!

Spread as much stupidity as you want on social media, be as much intellectual as
you want in your daily life, do things that your heart tells you to, break the chains or adapt to them, be the
torchbearer of change or let the change die with you and feel significant for a day or two, turn the clock and go back
to your childhood to relive it again.

It all happens inside the brain. Just do whatever you want with your life and get away from here. There’s nothing left
in me anymore.

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