10 Savvy Tools to Create Beautiful Websites for your Business


May 5, 2017

When it comes to choosing a website-building tool, cost effectiveness and ease of operations are two important factors, one must always look forward to. And in case you do not pay attention to these two factors, you might as well end up investing in a costly affair!

A web building tool that can hinder your creativity can very well be a reason for loss of income too. Case in point, you might be wondering how does one realize which web building tool might actually be savvy?

As for my experience and keen observations, here are a few qualities that you must look in every web designing tool:

a) Make sure you have a good control over the design to pixel ratio. Certain templates offer very minimal customization features, which may or may not work for all page designs. This is not really handy when building professional looking websites.

b) Make sure you work on a platform that is simple and flexible, allows easy content management.

c) If a tool you choose does not support mobile applications and doesn’t help with the process of building responsive designs, you might as well give it a pass.

d) Here’s the thing, integration of Social Media is a must. Since social media has an unfathomable importance in building a brand’s value, do not take it lightly and loose on some potential brand awareness.

All being said and done, it’s time to take you through my favourite 10 Web Development tools. Use these tools and you’ll never go wrong!



In case you are in a hunch to find an easy to operate, simplistic yet powerful web designing platform, you might as well try out SnapPages.

SnapPages allows you to create cutting edge responsive websites. The creators of this powerful tool give all the credit to their exceptionally simple and powerful website builder that helps create professionally sound websites in no time!


They’ve eliminated the unnecessary features and offered you only web tools focussed to help create something extraordinary, just what the designers wanted and needed, so to speak!


The latest version i.e SnapPages 3.0 has been redesigned from scratch. It has been made more simpler to operate and it’s functionality has been enhanced so as to offer a design platform that can be savvy for anyone( literally anyone)! Achieve exceptional results by simply following the 3 D’s- Drag, Drop and your Done!

The ‘Page’ section offered by SnapPages is damn interesting.

I’m sure you’ll have a great time working on such a creative website building platform. Even more, you’d be glad to know that SnapPages readily integrates with 3rd party add-ons too.

So go ahead and give it your best shot! Let’s see what you come up with.



What exactly is the key to a clean, high-performing template?

The answer is simple- clean, compliant code.

When using Webflow, you get the power to produce acquiescent, clean HTML, CSS and JavaScript, without even having to manually type the code at all!

Webflow actually transforms your design into markup, thereby allowing web designers to easily achieve a visually savvy feedback basis which they can do renditions and build high-quality responsive websites.

Even more, the built-in CMS adequately helps build custom content that shapes your design. Webflow is a great app for prototyping. And as you know, prototyping is quintessential, when it comes to showing work to a client or your superiors at work.

Once your website is ready, you can host it live with a single click by using Webflow Hosting or rather export your code to any other hosting platform. All in all, when using Webflow as a tool, nothing could stop you from achieving what you envision.

More than 500,000 web designers recommend Webflow. Use it today and learn why!



Web usability and functionality differs from person to person.

Some may want to build an e-commerce, some might simply look forward to set up a blog, while some might want a website to showcase their work, rather build an online portfolio.

Case in point, catering to every individual’s web needs, Pixpa is just the perfect design platform for creative professionals and businesses.

When using Pixpa, building a website is smooth as a whistle.

Whether you understand coding or not, it doesn’t matter. Pixpa is here to your rescue!

Time for you to make the best of this powerful tool.

So go ahead and build some crazy out of the box websites with Pixpa. One more thing, all that you make using Pixpa will be mobile friendly and optimized for Search Engines as well. And with a simple drag and drop interface to your comfort, alongside fast, cost effective and valuable support 24 x 7, you’ll never get a chance to complain!



Heard of Bookmark?

Umm, in case you haven’t, let me enlighten you.

As savvy as the functionality of this tool is, equally savvy is the fact that it uses Artificial Intelligence to figure out the needs of a customer!

The knowledge about the customer thus extracted with the help of AI is then used to create websites, as desired by an individual.

You may watch this demo to learn more about Bookmark’s unfathomable capabilities.

Themify Builder

Themify Builder

Themify Builder is another great tool to develop savvy websites. It offers an easy to operate dashboard with a lot of drag and drop options that help create swift websites.

While using Themify, you get the option to check out the preview of your real design.

You may keep checking the preview as your design progresses. You can either use the Builder plugin or directly use Themify Builder with any third party themes.



Carrd is a platform that offers options to build, design and host responsive one page websites free of cost. They offer a wide variety of presets which you can always tweak and tune according to your personal requirement or branding of your website.

Yes there are many other website building platforms that also allow you to build some fantastic one-page websites. However, it is the simplicity of this tool and the easy to operate user interface which allows one to blend in with the options in the first go.

Working on Carrd, you can easily design some fantastic one page web layouts with optimum functionality and highly responsive by nature. Next time, if someone seeks recommendation from you regarding a tool can help them build beautiful, bug-free, responsive, one-page websites, you know what to suggest.

Carrd covers a wide range of themes, suitable for almost everyone’s varied needs.



So what is SITE123? Sounds uncanny, doesn’t it ?

Nevertheless, it’s a great tool for those who wish to build a clean website. Irrespective of what your business is about and irrespective of whatever theme your website would follow, with SITE123, you get a myriad of mind-boggling options to choose from.

No stress even if you are a noob when it comes to coding. This website builder offers you a heavy collection of ready-to-use responsive themes that are ready for Search Engine Optimization.

How about you give it a shot. Afterall, it’s a free tool !



If elegance is your focus, Simvoly is just what you need Whether you wish to set up an online portfolio or an online music blog or an e-commerce portal, this drag and drop website builder will amaze you with its rad functionality and come really handy.

Everything you design using Simvoly will be Mobile Responsive. And you need not worry much about SEO too.

To get to know this tool more sign up for a free here. In case you need some assistance, you always have the option of Live Chat.



Last in the list is this phenomenal tool. uCoz is a one-of-a-kind web tool that allows you to edit code to make your website more savvy. It’s full of some fantastic features that a lot of web developers have liked and promoted. All in all, a good value for money product that gives you the ultimate control of your work, uCoz will not let you down.



When it comes to uKit, well, they simply follow one clear funda- every business, whether big or small deserves an online presence. And hence, this savvy website builder, offering a range of cutting-edge design templates to choose from, suiting the needs of almost every business

When using uKit, you will not need any prior knowledge of coding at all. The easy to operate drag and drop features of this website builder make web development a child’s play. Since customization is the key to some extraordinary websites, you always have the option to tweak these themes and create something out of the box from the pre-existing templates as well!

Try uKit today and set up your very own website in minutes!


As technology reaches the dizzy heights of success, the process of web development keeps getting better and better, day by day. All things said and done, you now have 10 fantastic web development options to choose from. These tools are here to support you with the process of creating result driven websites and offer something special for every business or individual’s needs. So do not think much. If you’ve made your mind to get going with a website or blog or portfolio of your own, this is the best time to make it real.

Stay tuned for more mindful blogs on Web Development!

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