6 Tips To Use Images In Web Designing 2022


March 10, 2022

There is a great evolution in website designing and elements used to design the aesthetic and trendy web pages. Thus, images are one element that was used in every aspect of the website, but later it was substituted with other elements, such as animations, illustrations, oversized typography, etc. 

However, the use of images has been restricted, but it is still in use and it is very important, especially for eCommerce sites. So we cannot deny the usage of images completely. 

But, the website designing company in Delhi knows the obstacles and drawbacks of using images on the website. It has a few obstacles such as it reduces the loading speed of the website, images quality reduces while using it in responsive designs. 

The website design company in Delhi is sharing tips to use images in web design. 

6 Tips to Use Image in Web Design: 

1. Only Use Images When Necessary:

As the website designing company in Delhi mentioned, it was then, when images were excessively used in the web designs, but, due to the substitutions available. So, you must use images that are meaningful and necessary for the website that makes sense. 

2. Don’t Use Just Images:

When we are saying about the ‘images’ then it is not just visual content, we are speaking about the images that also add infographics. These are the popular images used by many businesses on their website. It showcases the facts, statistics, etc. These infographics images are a great way to grab the audience’s attention towards the crucial information. 

So, it is completely upon the designer and their creativity. Thus, think about the images with a wide mindset and different perspectives. 

3. Use Collage Images:

As mentioned by the website design company in Delhi, even though the usage of images is reduced, eCommerce websites need to make use of images for their products. Where they need to showcase the images of products from different angles and develop the images using graphics, to showcase the technology used in it. 

However, you can make a collage of all the products in one, and showcase the image on the home page, whereas you can make use of collage to showcase different angles of the product in one. It reduces the number of images used and keeps your eCommerce website lightweight.

4. Optimized Images:

Optimized images reduce the drawbacks of using them on the website. And the website designing company in Delhi hopes that many are already about what is optimized images. 

If you are not aware of the optimized images, then no worries, we are here for you. It is an image that is a compressed image, to reduce its size, but it has the highest possible quality. So you can make use of optimized images to maintain the loading speed of your website. Even you can make use of vector images, this will help your target audience to view the image on different screens easily without losing its quality. 

5. Image Placement:

While making use of images, it is another important factor to consider is image placement/positioning. This decides the use of images, shows your ability to visualize and sense of creativity. Using images without purpose is a waste. As the best website design is built by professionals, they know how to position images, ad banners, infographics, etc. 

As a website designing company in Delhi, we consider that the positioning of images shows the designer’s smartness. Let’s demonstrate when you choose to place the image in a particular spot on the web page. Then you ask yourself a few questions such as 

– Purpose of placing this image? 

-Why this position is best-fit? 

– Is it relevant and supporting my content? 

Answering such questions will help you to position the image better. Images are used to enhance the content and make the content understandable and remembered for the visitors. So, you need to make use of this checklist. 

6. Usage of Grids:

You must understand how your image appears on different screen sizes, by understanding this, you can optimize the user experience. For this, you can make use of grids, which will help you to understand clearly. 

Thus, it will help you in positioning the image as well. 

Final Words: 

These are the few tips that the best website design company in Delhi has shared, which will help to make optimum usage of images on the website without affecting your website loading speed, disrupting your web design, etc. 

We hope that this blog has helped to understand the usage of images! 

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