A Brief overview of website migrations and their types


June 16, 2022

“Website migration happens with every website that is well-maintained and is timely upgraded with newer technology.” If you are newly migrating your website and completely unaware of it. No worries! The website designing company in Delhi is here to help you with key topics of website migration that will help now and in the future as well. 

What is website migration? 

Migration means transporting or moving from one place or point to another. Likewise, website migration is when a site is changed from one environment to another or from one domain to another known as website migration. 

But, SEO terminology calls migration a transition or change occurred to a website’s URL, structure is called website migration. Though usually, we as a web design company Delhi or any other professionals in the field of website development consider website migration when there change in platform, layout, content, UX, and location. 

Website migration checklist of 2022:

You might have heard that website migration needs to be carried out carefully otherwise, it will fail. So, the website designing company in Delhi has brought you the latest checklist, which will help you to take out website migration successfully. 

1. Plan your project: 

Planning is the foundation of every project. Planning is done perfectly when tasks are allotted to the authorized person and every element is strategized, so you need to plan everything clearly and properly. Remember migration takes months, so you need to plan accordingly. 

Build a roadmap, assign tasks, discuss everything, and strategize each thing. 

2. Crawl your website before migration: 

Before beginning the migration, it’s important to conduct site crawling, this helps you to pinpoint issues on the website. Crawl should include these things such as URLs, metadata, content, broken links, page titles, redirects, etc. You can conduct this by using different tools that are available on the internet, such as Screaming Frog, Deep Crawl, and Botify. 

3. Test all URLs of the site: 

The web design company Delhi recommends running a sample test of URLs and linking the old ones to the new domain for seamless redirection and all the embedded hyperlinks should redirect to the migrated site. Link the new site to an analytical tool to track all the URLs (old and new) and get traffic insights. 

4. Clear all duplicate content:

You will come across duplicate content because of identical URL parameters or due to plagiarised content. Multiple live domains create the issue of repetitive content and a low-ranked appearance in search results. You can solve this issue by using the search console tool to establish your website address as authoritative, reliable, and authentic. Also, redirect to the right URL by using 301 HTTP codes. 

5. Update sitemap post-migration: 

When you migrate your website, you need to update the sitemap sp that search engines crawl and locate the relevant pages. There are two types of Google sitemaps such as XML and HTML. You can use the Google Search Console tool to update the sitemap. Before doing so, check out whether the sitemap is crawled successfully or not. 

Hence, these were the 5 basic checklist points of 2022. Moving further, check out the types of website migration: 

Types of website migration:

1. Protocol:

You must have observed that every website is on HTTPS. There are various benefits of using HTTPS over HTTP, such as improved security, better referral data, and SSL bringing trust & credibility. So, if you are shifting your website from HTTP to HTTPS then it is a type of website migration. 

2. CMS (Content Management System):

We all know the importance of CMS and our websites are dependent on it. So, getting the newer, advanced, and powerful CMS platform is the biggest advantage. So, many change their CMS platform. For instance, moving the website from WordPress to Hubspot is a type of website migration. 

3. Domain:

There are three types of change of domain such as subdomain, domain, and domain extension. Anyone change of domain is considered website migration technically. 

A change in the URL structure, for example, www.agency.com to agency.you.com is called a subdomain change. 

Shifting from an old domain to a new domain is a complete domain shift. 

If you are changing your website URL structure, for instance, from .org to .com is called migration as well. 

The web design company Delhi as mentioned, any change in the URL of the website is considered as website migration. 

4. Redesign: 

Any change in the website layout, structure, or complete website revamp is also a website migration. And the redesign is something that happens with every website very often. 

5. Hybrid or Combo: 

Hybrid or combination means combining the two or more of the above migration list. And this usually happens so many websites undergo hybrid or combination migration. 

6. SEO migration: 

SEO migration is a must in your website migration strategy. It is essential to maintain or continue the same level of ranking and authority of the website. So, you might think, what is SEO migration? It is a process of transferring SEO authority and signals to reflect a complete change in your site and URL. 

Doing SEO migration, it ensures that you won’t lose your SEO visibility (traffic and ranking) while website migration. 

Final words: 

The website designing company in Delhi aims to provide valuable assistance through this blog, offering a comprehensive exploration of vital and fundamental aspects of website migration. By delving into these key elements, readers can develop a thorough and nuanced understanding of the intricacies involved in the process, empowering them with the knowledge needed to navigate website migration successfully and make informed decisions.

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