Best Way to Use Online Reviews in Web Design


January 17, 2023

“Reviews – an essential aspect of the
They help to build the business by boosting trust among customers, increasing sales, and reaching
a wider audience. One can leverage the use of reviews by placing them in the right place and showcasing it in the
right way.


As a Website designing company in Delhi, we bring you the best ways to use online reviews, but before that let’s drive through why
reviews are important 

5 Reasons Why Online Reviews are Crucial for Your Business

1. Improve visibility:

Shoppers on the internet surf Google, Facebook, and Instagram to buy their
goods. These search engines and their algorithms have unique ways to index websites and content. But what’s common to
them all is they value and
prefer original and new content marketing trends,
and customer reviews add up to them. 

Having a top position on the result page is like leading the industry with authority and
also having exposure. Hence, customer reviews are positive content, which favors algorithms to push your site

2. Trustworthiness: 

Put yourself in the shoes of customers. Imagine, you are more likely to buy some casual
wear and head to a new brand website. You don’t have much idea about the brand and its product quality as you are new
to it. After surfing, you have found some good clothes that you want to buy, but here to make yourself believe that
the clothes you have decided to buy will live up to your expectations or not. 

To answer this and avoid trial and error testing, you surf through the customer reviews,
and if the product you have selected has amazing ratings, it will boost your confidence to buy clothes

3. Reviews bring new customers: 

If you have quality products on your website, which are loved by many people and have
great reviews. This will you boost sales by bringing in new customers, who are interested in buying your product and
are influenced more to purchase them through reading reviews. 

Hence, we believe getting good reviews is very important to
attract new customers.

4. Boosts Sales: 

Many reports and surveys have proven that customer reviews is one of the factors
that have a direct impact on the sales of the business,
irrespective of products and the industry. Also, many
studies say that a small improvement in the star rating has a massive impact on sales.

Thus, improved and good star
ratings will boost sales, and eventually help you grow the business.

5. Influences customer decision-making: 

Customer reviews have a psychological impact. They
influence customers’ decision-making ability if a prospect is making a decision about whether the product is really
important to buy, or whether the product is really helpful. They will surf through reviews, and if there are more
positive reviews, then they are more likely to buy the product, even if it’s not necessary. 

These are the five reasons why customer reviews are crucial to growing your business! 

But, there are multiple ways to showcase customer reviews on the website, along with
showcasing, there are multiple ways to get reviews from the customers. Today, we as a website design company in Delhi
here showcase some effective ways of using customer reviews in your web design. 

1. Customer testimonials: 

A customer testimonial is the first thing that comes to mind when we speak about
reviews. These are the reviews provided by previous customers, who have used your product and shared their experiences
by quotes. 

Here’s an example of our client sharing a word about our work and their experience
working with us. 


Did you notice the three essential elements in this customer testimonial? Here are

  • Use of an image for authenticity and
  • Use of stars for easy visual
  • Direct quote is used without any change
    in the review.

2. Video review:

Today everyone is into videos, either consuming or creating one, there are many editing softwares
available that you can access.
However, we too believe that videos are the best way to showcase something.
Because it brings a lot of clarity in delivering messages and showcasing the tone and confidence of the

It’s way more effective than the star rating. However, video review should be less than
a minute, or else it may distract or annoy the prospects.

3. Star rating: 

The best way to represent a review is through a star rating, here’s why! Star rating
reviews can be understood in a glance and not necessary to read reviews in deep. 

Bifurcated under different sections will make it easier for the prospects to analyze and
interpret people’s opinions about the product. 

Amazon is quintessential of categorized star
ratings. It showcases the star rating of a product in multiple aspects, which are more focused on features such as
quality and value for money. 

Similarly, you can too design the review system for your website. 

These are three creative and aesthetical ways of representing
online reviews in web design, which can be also used as a source of advertising strategy across digital mediums such
as social media, google ads, etc.
You also use them on the website banner of the
landing page to attract more prospects and boost your business growth. However, there are multiple
ways of displaying reviews on the website.

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