E-commerce portal can be a success with these effective elements


May 2, 2018

An e-commerce website is an online portal that presents with the facility of online transactions of services and goods by various means of fund transfer over the internet. In the early stage, E-commerce was done by phone calls and e-mails, but as time passed, things changed drastically. Nowadays, an E-commerce website can be accessed on the internet as they now use a single website. There are multiple E-commerce websites from different fields and sectors. Retail selling can be considered as the most common and popular one.

There are certain elements which can act beneficially while creating a website. These elements can make your website effective and efficient.

What are the different types of Ecommerce websites?

  • Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer-to-Business(C2B)
  • Consumer-to-Administration (C2A)
  • Business-to-Administration (B2A)

Developing an Ecommerce website

When developing an E-commerce website is important in order to increase brand awareness and to keep your customers engage to your online stores. That means the website you create should be innovative and easy to use. Depending on this, there are certain advantages of a good E-commerce website:

Ecommerce elements

Elements to make a successful E-commerce Website

  1. Descriptive titles for your services/products

    It is recommended to give a creative title to each of your products and services. It should be descriptive and innovative that it makes you outstanding and unique among your competitors who are offering the same services. This will help your customers to find your products easily on the internet thus increasing the ranking of your website.

  2. Call-To-Action

    One of the most basic elements of an E-commerce website is the Call-To-Action button. If you a good Call-To-Action, it will enhance your customers will desire to take action in favor of you. This will help you in generating lead and also to increase your conversion rates. Make sure that you give a prominent design and an eye-catchy text to your Call-To-Action button. It will enforce the customers to click it. Make sure that you place it in strategic locations and that it should be viewed even on mobile devices. Correct utilization of the Call-to-Action buttons can lead your customers to take action whenever they are satisfied with your products or services. So, if you think creatively and strategically during the designing and the implementation of the Call-To-Action, it will help you in achieving your sales objective.

  3. Products description should be brief

    Outlining a service or product is one thing but when it comes to describing the product you must be creative at it. The description you give should be informative and brief which will help the customers to easily learn about the products and ultimately help them to persuade at the time of purchasing. Your description should tell the uniqueness of the products. The utilization of this element is very important as it will incorporate SEO keywords and help your customers to find your products easily as it will rank high in the search engines.

  4. Integration with Social Media

    In the last few years, social media has taken the internet by storm and one of the most vital elements for a successful E-commerce website. You must add social media icons to the top of your website. It will make your website look appealing without even overwhelming the other important elements on the web page. The social media buttons are meant to provide followers with social proof and also increase the traffic to your website. It will also help in increasing overall sales.

  5. Display the cost savings

    Everyone loves to save money. For the encouragement of your customers in order to make them purchase your products, you must display the various discount and exclusive offers just next to your products. It will show them the amount of money they will be saving. This will desire them to purchase the products but even enforce them to tell their friends and family about your E-commerce website.

  6. Showcase your videos

    It has been seen that people do not believe something untill they actually see it. So, in order to make them believe, it is recommended that you should use interesting videos that can describe your service and products and thus will help you to attract customers to your website. A visual touch always works better in purchase decisions. When your customers watch your videos online, it helps in increasing your conversion rates by 80 percent. It has been found that more than 60 percent of the users buy the product or service. The only thing is that the videos help the customers to get a better understanding of how the product looks like and their functions as well.

  7. Reviews and testimonials

    The reviews and testimonials are one of the key elements of an E-commerce to help the customers decide either the business you are handling is trustworthy or not. The reviews on your website help the customers to mark the quality of your products and even the uniqueness in comparison to your competitors. According to research, 9 out of 10 consumers read online reviews about a website for determining whether the business is of good quality or not.

  8. The Navigation should be user-friendly

    One of the most important elements of an E-commerce website is its Navigation. Make sure that your website should be easy to navigate. It will help in increasing the visitor and even enforce them to come back again and again. Try to put the links or menus to the product categories and that too in the most prominent place. Do not take it easy. Make sure that the products and their categories are named properly. In addition to that, you must take care that the customers can find their way back to the homepage, contact information or from any such place easily.

  9. Ease the checkout process

    Suppose you are in a mall, you pick a product and you pay the amount to the cashier, take the bill and leave. It is simple, isn’t it? Why not making the checkout process of your website simple just like that? It is obvious that online shopping will consist a few more steps for safety and security purposes, such as the shipping method and the online payment. But if the whole process is done correctly, it could be easy and quick.

    Your customers don’t want to go through a long and lengthy process just to buy a product. It would really be beneficial for you and for your customers if the checkout process on your website is could b contained to just one page and not more than that. Allow your customers to enter their personal information on a single page and If possible, make them confirm their order on the bottom of the same page. If your customers get anything more than that, they will get frustrated and leave your website and will never want to come back.

  10. Sales Page

    The Sales page of your website gives a final touch to your funnel. It does not matter how you lead your customers there, either by blog or e-mail marketing. The sales page is totally dedicated to buying your product. Make sure that your customers don’t get distracted from the description of the product.

  11. High-Quality content

    Your sales pages and the lead pages are considered as one of the most major E-commerce site components. But there is another fact that the blogs on your website play a significant role in the nurturing phase. If your website is lacking valuable content, it will be difficult in leading the conversion rates.

    The content is a vital component that gives your customers a reason to visit your sites regularly. The content you post gives the idea to customers that the products you are offering are the solution they are seeking for. You are free to publish various content depending on the products you are offering. Your content could be in any form, be it videos, articles or e-books. Make sure the content you use is unique and the quality is unmatchable. And if possible, try to share new and fresh content daily.

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