Figma for Web Designing-Detailed Guide


March 14, 2022

Website designing is raging, while it is getting too simplistic to design. Anyone with sound knowledge about website designing and the process of doing it can build a website with the help of different designing tools, plugins, and libraries. 

These things can make your website look professional, interactive, and trendy as well. But to design, the look and feel of the website, software like Figma are used. The website designing company in Delhi is here to share the detailed guide of Figma. 

What is Figma? 

Figma is designing software that is popular for prototyping, which is web-based. It can be used on different operating software such as android, IOS, windows, and macOS. Thus, Figma is a one-stop software for all your designing needs. 

Why Designers Choose Figma? 

There is so many competing software such as Adobe, InVision, Sketch, Marvel, etc. But, many designers choose Figma because, 

1. Easy Project Management: 

The designing software that is web-based like Figma stores the files on the cloud. It can be accessed from any location but with authoritative login. Also, when files are stored on the cloud, it becomes easy for the designers to make changes without any intimidation of saving files because it has enabled the option of auto-saving. Also, the changes made in the design can be reversed and redo with one click. These things make managing the designs easy. 

2. Accessibility: 

Figma is a kind of free platform which allows you to create almost three projects for free. Also, it can be used as a web-based software or desktop application. Which makes it accessible on different platforms and devices like mentioned above by the website design company in Delhi


Figma is a complete software. Where you can design prototypes, vector graphics, animations, etc. It has some amazing features, such as auto layout, plugins, flexible styles, accessible libraries, robust vector networks, and much more. These are the few important and popular features that attract users. 

1. User-friendly Interface: 

Figma has an interface that is easy and friendly. A basic knowledgeable person about designing can get started with it. So, it is another reason why the designers look forward to using Figma over other software. 

2. Collaboration: 

It saves the files in a cloud-based server, where one designer can share their file with another with ease (in real-time). Figma makes it easy for the designer to get feedback on their work and improve it at a base level. 

How You Can Get Started with Figma? 

Learning Figma is quite easy and inexpensive. You can learn Figma through different Youtube tutorials, and if you prefer to have certified learning, then you can go for e-learning, where you can learn easily without disturbing your schedules. 

10 Figma Design Tips for Quick Designing

The website designing company in Delhi is sharing some of the tips that might help you to design faster. 

1. Change Nudge Amount to 8px:

The website design company in Delhi recommends using the nudge at 8px amount for various beneficial purposes. You should use it consistently for resizing and spacing purposes. 

2. Update to Auto Layout:

For dynamic resizing update the feature auto layout or add the new auto layout that makes designing easy. You can add different elements on varying margins and resizing rules, such as buttons, modals, lists, etc.

3. Handling Base Components is Easy: 

To create and manage the large variant components efficiently, make use of base components. Each variant will contain overwritten unique base component. Using this method you can update them easily and ensure 100% consistency. 

4. Use of Graph Arc: 

You can use this tool to create a minimalist bar graph arc. This will create small elements that we used to make in the old days. 

5. Use Smart Selection Tool: 

Figma makes designing simple and time-saving. One such feature that Figma gives is the ‘smart selection tool’ and ‘tidy’ feature. It helps to align the multiple objects in the layout in one shot. 

6. Rename in Bulk: 

Having an organized file with a proper name and structure is a hard thing for designers. Figma makes it easy with the feature ‘Rename layers,’ this allows you to change the names of layers at once. You can even name the layers one name by adding ascending or descending numbers as suffixes or prefixes. 

7. Shortcuts: 

Using keyboard shortcuts is much easier and more efficient than using the mouse for everything, especially when you are designing. But, Figma gives you keyboard shortcuts for almost to access every feature in it. This makes using the Figma intuitive. 

8. Organize Grid: 

By doing multiple selections and clicking on the grid icon in Figma. It will organize the whole distance equally by allowing you to drag and organize according to your need. 

9. Use Plugins: 

Plugins are used to enhance the capabilities of the software. Figma supports many free plugins. You can make use of the plugins to optimize designing software. Where you can design the best interacting designs. These plugins reduce your research job and make you focused on designing. 

These are the few plugins the website designing company in Delhi recommends to you.  

  • Unsplash (for HD free images) 
  • Lorem Ipsum (for dummy text) 
  • Content Reel (for different objects, such as icons, avatars, etc.)
  • Material Design Icons (for designing icons) 

10. Save Images in This Way:

There are some images you commonly use in the designs we recommend you save the images as the color styles. You can quickly apply this image to the designs. Images used in the design as a fill can be easily scalable where you resize the frame or layout. 

Final Thoughts: 

Figma will grow in the future, and it will be more in use as a website builder. The best website design company in Delhi recommends you practice it will sharpen your skills and make you perfect one day. Where you can design the websites with ease and in a quick time. 

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