Top 10 Web Design Tools you should be aware of!


July 5, 2020

Web design has become an essential task before you take your business or portfolio online. But did you ever think of a tool that helps you create magic in your site? We have a plethora of web design tools at different prices for different plans. However, it’s not about the price but the efficiency. A web designer will look into the features and quality of the tool. He will find answers to questions like: Does the tool enable me to design whatever I wish? Does it serve the purpose of the business? Is web design easy and flexible with the tool?

Web designing is not a simple term. It is like our Milky Way Galaxy encompassing all planets and celestial bodies. Web designing comprises of

  • Website layout
  • Graphic design
  • Content
  • Integration

So choosing the right web design tool produces the right results for your website. Do you want to know some of the best tools available on the Internet? Here is the list of top 10 web design tools.

#10. Aptana

Aptana Studio 3

Aptana is an open-source website developer. Are you searching for a faster, convenient, customizable web designing tool? Then you have landed in the right place. Aptana offers you a range of features that make your website design easy. In this minute, when you are reading this, 6144087 people have already downloaded the tool. It’s your turn now.


Aptana helps you to design a site that acts quickly and easily. It has enhanced features in its package. Do you know Eclipse? Not the lunar or solar one! Aptana beautifully harnesses the flexibility power of Eclipse. It also focuses on the most powerful engine of website development.

Some of the mind-blowing features of Aptana:

  • Language flexibility- HTML, CSS, CodeAssist, and JavaScript.
  • Integrated Debugger
  • Built-In Terminal
  • Development Wizard
  • IDE Customisation
  • Git Integration

You can see if your business goals align with Aptana’s design services and then make a good decision.

#9. Sketch


One of the widely used web design tools in Sketch. As per the name, the tool offers a great sketching experience for the website designer. The sketch is the most widely used graphic design tool. Sketch primarily focuses on building interfaces and prototypes. Sketch makes your website development a delightful task. Ultimately, you will receive innovative and fast websites.


The sketch is popular, it is easily usable, efficient in performance. The only shortcoming is Sketch is available only on Mac. But don’t worry! You have an application called Lunacy. It is a “Sketch for Windows” app which will open and edit your design.

Some of the notable features of Sketch are:

  • Wonderful Built-In Grid System.
  • File sizes are smaller than Photoshop
  • Language Flexibility
  • Application facility

#8. Fireworks


This Adobe product is a great designer in itself. Like crackers and fireworks adorning your sky, the tool provides exciting features to adorn your site. It is not currently not in active development, but it is still a part of Adobe Creative Cloud. If you are a Mac and Windows user, you can undoubtedly avail of Fireworks’ services. Like any other Adobe web design tool, Fireworks has a dozen options and tools like


  • Slices, for slicing! It helps you create a desirable prototype.
  • Tools for optimization
  • You can easily pack the entire design into a PDF and share it.
  • Web designer oriented
  • Easy usability

#7. Firefox Developer

Firefox Developer

This is an edited version and a product of Firefox. Firefox developer is known for its greater assistance to web designers. If you are a Firefox user, you will have access to all the development tools available under the name Firefox Developer.


Want to know what makes Firefox Developer unique?

  • Analyzing and debugging functions
  • Style Editor
  • Again, you can build and design your site with HTML Inspector and CSS Grid
  • Easy to use

#6. Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate

The new age for Animation is not far. We are living at the beginning of an eon of animation. When you wish to sprinkle magical animations over your website, then Adobe Animate is the right tool. Animate is very useful for designing games, TV shows, and Websites. An interesting fact you must know about Animate- It offers distinct plans for distinct communities. For instance, we have this plan specially dedicated to students and teachers who wish to set up e-learning websites.


Amazing features of Adobe Animate worth noting!

  • Brings banner ads to life
  • Cartoons are possible here
  • Doodles and Avatars are easy now
  • Infographics
  • E-learning content
  • Makes you publish in various platforms

#5. Espresso


It may not make your coffee better but certainly makes your website better. It is available on the Mac operating system. The good news is that it works well in Chrome, Safari, and Fireworks. It has award-winning CSS edit tools and a greater Code Formatting.


Now keep your eyes wide in wonder as the features are revealed

  • CSS Edit tools
  • Navigator
  • Server Sync
  • Live Preview with Browser Xray
  • Sophisticated text features
  • Dynamo Auto Building

#4. Photoshop


You are familiar with the name. One of the best products of Adobe, Photoshop is a convenient tool to edit your site. Not only that, but Photoshop also allows you to edit, manipulate images to fit your purpose. Undoubtedly, Photoshop is the most popular commercial tool for website designing.


Graphic designers around the world give Photoshop, the title- ‘Best Designer.’ it operates well in Mac and Windows OS. Some of the marvelous features of Photoshop are

  • Easy manipulation of images
  • Professional tool for photographers and designers
  • Filters
  • Automation
  • Workflow enhancement {Layer Comps}
  • Revert Action

#3. Panic Coda

Panic Coda

Panic Coda is one of the most sought after web development applications. Works in Mac OS X system. The noteworthy benefit you will receive from Panic Coda is that it will reduce the number of applications that you must possess for building your website. Text editing, file transfers, SVN, CSSA, everything is possible with Panic Coda. Yes!! It also has an interesting “Books”- searchable web books. Panic Coda is very easy to use and adaptable. You will face no difficulty in handling your website designing.
Do you know?


Panic Coda received the Apple design awards ‘Best Mac OSX User Experience 2007.’

#2. Affinity Designers

Affinity Designers

Do you know who is ‘Photoshop Killer’? It is the great Affinity designers. This tool is dubbed to be adjustable and non-destructively layered. Just ride through some of the exciting features:


  • 1000000% zoom
  • Amazing vector art
  • History and Undo features- you can go back as much as 8000 steps!
  • Familiar layout
  • Also available in iPad with a full version
  • Pixel Persona, Export Persona, Pen Tool, Affinity Photo, Affinity Publisher, etc are the excellent features you should make use of.

#1. Dreamweaver


This is again an offspring of Adobe. But slightly possessing different qualities. Dreamweaver is a commercial application for website designing. It finds its home in Mac and Windows Operating systems. Dreamweaver offers a great integration experience with other web design tools of the same mother, Adobe.


Now look at the features and decide yourself!

  • Code Hinting
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Workflow options
  • Live View
  • Product Management
  • Built-In FTP Client

We are happy to list a few other honorable mentions.

  • Marvel
  • Figma
  • Canva
  • UXPin
  • ProtoPie
  • Flinto
  • Axure
  • Fluid
  • Interplay
  • Bootstrap

So as you clear your mind of the design doubts, make the right choice. Choose the right fit for your site. Analyze the features of each design tool and compare it with one another. Then you will know which is the best tool for you. Happy Designing!

Before you opt for a tool visit these Platforms to learn Website Designing properly.

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