Top 6 Web Design Frameworks Develop Websites


January 18, 2022

Websites have evolved, it is the face of business and crucial to proving online existence. Also, the online market has evolved and customers’ expectations have increased. 

Today, websites on the internet are interactive, sophisticated, and rich. It makes the visitor more comfortable and the advanced features, high-quality content are the few things that make a website outshine in the industry and internet. 

However, to make the website look rich. The frameworks will help you to optimize the website. So, which web design frameworks are trending in 2022? Let’s check out, the website designing company in Delhi has brought well-researched and trending frameworks.  

What are Web design Frameworks? 

The frameworks are software platforms to develop rich web designing and interactive layouts. To make the audience stay on the website. 

 It contains various components such as templates, code snippets, pre-written web components, etc. 

Top 6 Web Design Frameworks 2022

1. Angular: 

Angular is a front-end responsive framework. It helps in building the single-page rich web design, and it is an SEO-optimized framework. 

You can build sophisticated web applications using HTML and TypeScript. One can majorly avoid the use of any other library while making use of Angular. But the major con of Angular is the size compared with other responsive web design frameworks. 

2. Vue.js: 

Vue.js is the versatile JavaScript framework that is now popular among designers. It has various architectural components to build rich designs. Also, you adopt the progressive project with Vue and others will work fine. 

Vue.js documentation will help you to learn more about it. Along with that, the ecosystem will build the best front-end application. However, Google and Facebook don’t support Vue, it is gradually increasing its spread due to many big names starting investing. 

3. jQuery: 

jQuery is more than a decade old and its relevance to today’s tech world has kept it strong and outshine its competitor. Many designers still prefer to use jQuery as their first preference in web development. 

It is used to manipulate the CSS and DOM files. Also, to make websites interactive and functionally optimized. The evolution of jQuery is what made it sustainable. Nowadays, mobile applications are preferred and jQuery does not support them. But it has expanded to build the UI in form of jQuery mobile. 

Along with that, it offers various features and flexibility such as jQuery tends to support many browsers, you can use dynamic content, HTTP requests are simplified and easy, etc. These things make jQuery the super beneficial and most promising framework in today’s time. 

4. Backbone: 

Another popular name among developers. Backbone is based on JavaScript and many call it ‘Backbone.js.’ Probably it is the easiest framework to use and develop wonders (sorry website). 

It is a lightweight and easy-to-learn framework, also the fastest. However, you can make use of the other tools, engines, to enhance the use of the framework. So Backbone.js is recommended to use to create dynamic web applications. 

5. React: 

To be clear, React is a library but widely used as a framework. There is quite a difference between library and framework. However, React Native is a framework that can be used to build the native application using React. It is open-source now. 

React is the best framework for those who need a steady platform to handle the high source of traffic. The website designing company in Delhi would recommend you to build single-page applications using React framework, you can consider it as the best practice. 

6. Emberjs: 

Emberjs is a front-end development framework based on Javascript. It is beneficial for developing modern-styled web applications. You get everything that a rich Ui framework needs. Also, it is an open-source that is used by many branded companies such as Netflix, Linkedin, Apple Music, etc. 

Emberjs enables you to write structured and organized code. This framework is best suitable for single-page web applications. However, Angularjs and Emberjs are similar when compared on most levels. 

Final Thoughts:

Above are the few best front-end or web designing frameworks that will help you to develop the best interactive UI and responsive web design. These are popular, growing with the new trends in the industry. 

You can easily code and structure the elements, choose the best framework, on which you can work easily, and build the best web application. We hope that this blog from the best web design company in Delhi has helped you a lot. 

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