Top 7 Website Design Myths to Break in the Year 2022


March 1, 2022

Website designing is evolving. However, following the website design trends is important to sustain in this highly competitive online market. So, you need to always optimize the website and keep yourself updated about the changing trends of website designs

But certain myths are still followed, which is a hurdle while designing. So to bust the myths website designing company in Delhi has brought you this blog. It will help you to gain knowledge of some elements that are stopping you to go beyond in website designing. 

7 Myths of Website Designing 

1. Redesigning Complete Website:


Yes, the best website design company in Delhi recommends redesigning the website with time. But not redesigning from scratch, or else it will be sloppy. It is completely a myth. Even if you are redesigning each web page from scratch but it is inconsistent, then it is sloppy. 

So, not always look to build each web page from scratch until it is extremely necessary under unavoidable circumstances, such as changing the industry. If you are redesigning the website to focus on another milestone, then you need to do website changes according to your requirement. 

You need to maintain consistency for making your website look professional and uniform. 


2. Designing to Attract:

No doubt! Website designs have elements that attract and engage the visitors/potential customers. But, it is a secondary goal that is focused on the latter part of development. The important thing of designing the website is for functioning. It is the primary goal of every designer, then comes the part of creativity and visual content to attract and engage the target audience. 

So, always make sure to focus on the functionality of the website designs


3. Website Updates are Not Necessary: 

There is an evolution in the website designing when there is a change in the technology, it may be a change in the web browser, SEO, social media, or innovation in the website design. It will be guaranteed that the website design trends will change, and you need to stay updated with the website to stay in the competition, gain traffic, etc. 

Thus, using the same website unchanged over the years will not impact the business is a myth. Technology is evolving at a fast pace, so you need to look to have a long-term relationship with an agency like the website design company in Delhi or build an in-house website development team. 


4. The Website Should Brag About Yourself: 

Yes, it’s ‘your website’ that doesn’t mean the users are completely interested to know you on the website. There is a dedicated web page, where you can completely brag yourself. ‘About Us’ is the page, where you can speak about yourself without any second thought in your mind. 

However, when it comes to other web pages, where you speak about the services or products you provide. They are not interested in how you build it or how great your service is? They just want to know the quality of the product or service, and how it will make their life better. Thus, we hope you got the point! 


5. Long Content to Explain Better: 

Long-form content is not a perfect fit in today’s time. Users want to scroll and read less but want to understand more and better in a short time. So making your website copy too big won’t help you. It must be short, crisp, and fit for your design. Remember, you are designing for mobile users also. So, you need to focus on them as well. 

The space is less, if you are blogging, then go for a pillar blog, it will help you in ranking as well. Also, you can divide the content easily. 


6. Not Integrating Website with Email Marketing: 

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to the target audience. Today, almost every company focuses on email marketing, due to the reports and proven data. This is why a digital marketing company is important. Where you can build strategy and execute properly. 

However, integrating the website with email marketing software is beneficial. It is not only a myth not, to do so, but a great loss as well. 

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