Top WordPress plugins you need to have and why?


September 27, 2021

WordPress users have access to tens of hundreds of plugins. There are so numerous that it’s impossible to tell which ones are effective or which are extremely overrated. Many provide specialty answers, but only a few are actually essential WordPress plugins for any and all websites. 

There are several plugins that you’ll choose to install regardless of the type of site you’re operating or the niche to which it relates. So these are the tools we’ll talk about today. We’ll walk you through several essential WordPress plugins and describe what keeps each one unique. Even better, we’ll provide you with genuine statistics also followed by the top website designing company in Delhi to back up why we believe each plugin is necessary.

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is perhaps the most famous SEO plugin for WordPress, and it’s simple to understand why it’s one among our must-have plugins. It could not merely help you enhance your SEO, but it can also assess the readability of your material. Because 79 percent of people merely skim your articles and pages, the more readable your material is, the more likely you are to keep their interest. There are indeed a plethora of strategies to attract visitors to your website in terms of SEO. None, however, have the same capacity as search engines. 

Google alone processes almost nine billion searches per day. It’s no understatement to argue that organic traffic could greatly affect a website, and in most circumstances, you can’t really buy your way up to the peak. Only 5% of search engine traffic directs consumers to paid listings, just to emphasise the point. As a result, optimising your keyword approach is crucial for every site.

2. UpdraftPlus

Each day, an average of 30,000 websites are hacked. Whenever you contemplate that WordPress powers over 30% of all websites on the internet, it’s easy to see why this is a popular target. Furthermore, simple problems can cause elements of the WordPress website to cease functioning. If the majority of people use ten or fewer plugins on business sites, and 50% of those get monthly upgrades, it’s evident that inconsistencies are widespread.

 If you’ve been hacked, run into a connectivity issue, or merely wish to relocate your site, a solitary recent backup could save you a lot of time and trouble. And that is where our following WordPress must-have plugin kicks in. UpdraftPlus is one of the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress backup plugins accessible. To keep your backups secure, it interfaces with a variety of cloud storage alternatives. You could also set up a regular schedule to manage your backups.

3. Optimole

Images account for more than half of the average webpage’s size. As a result, optimising your photos can make a significant impact in the speed with which your site loads. What is the significance of this? However if it requires well over three seconds for your website to load, or more half of your visitors would leave it. If that’s not sufficient to scare you, consider this: 79 percent of online shoppers will abandon your site if it performs poorly. While photos were not the only factor that influences website performance, optimising your WordPress images is an important part of reducing page load times. 

Optimole optimises every graphic you post to WordPress to save space. Furthermore, it accelerates your website using cloud-based technology. Optimole identifies the screen size and automatically resizes pictures to give your customers a quick and responsive experience.

4. Revive old post

That implies if you do not even stay popular on social networks, you’re missing out on a lot of potential visitors. To give an indication, each month, around 2 billion and 300 million people visit Facebook and Twitter, accordingly. When every post you make on social networks increases your likelihood of achieving even a fraction of those people, the plugin we’re recommending is well worth your effort.

Revive Old Post is yet another must-have WordPress plugin on the list. It’s made to assist you increase social media traffic to your site. The plugin accomplishes this by constantly sharing your site’s new and existing publications to Twitter.

5. WP rocket

WP Rocket is a strong caching plugin that really can help you reduce the time it takes for your website to load. It accomplishes this by making cached copies of each constantly created page on the website, reducing the amount of work required of your servers. We’ve previously discussed the importance of fast page load times, and caching techniques could be even more beneficial than picture optimisation. The W3 Total Cache plugin, for example, could reduce loading times by over 43 percent on average. WP Rocket is doing even better, reducing page load speeds by a remarkable 63 percent in our caching plugin tests. It isn’t free, but the benefits are well worth the investment, particularly if conversions are at stake.

6. Elementor

Elementor is amongst the most innovative contributions to our collection of must-have WordPress plugins. It’s a graphical page generator that allows you to create unique page designs which are not really completely dependant on your current theme. This implies you don’t need to be a web developer to add creative effects like backdrop overlays, hover effects, transitions, and more; anything could be accomplished with just a few clicks. It works perfectly with the Gutenberg editor and the rest of the WordPress extensions on just this list. Elementor is a handy tool for individuals who wish to make a nice landing page for the company.

7. Otter

Otter is a simple WordPress plugin that extends Gutenberg’s features. It’s a collection of Gutenberg templates and add-on blocks. Although Gutenberg is a good substitute for the WordPress traditional editor, it does have a long way to go before it can offer premium features. You could, however, install Otter for more Gutenberg blocks and use it to construct intuitive webpages. Google Maps and an additional heading block could be added. It creates a beautiful contact form for you for free.

8. Redirection

Redirection is a WordPress redirection manager. Redirection allows you to create customized 301 redirects on the website and then maintains track of all hits. You may always use it to keep track of your website’s broken URLs. We’re all aware of Google’s (and other search engines’) aversion to poor user experience. A 404 error or a malfunctioning website can exacerbate the problem. 

However, you won’t be able to manually examine every individual post or page on the website, particularly if you do have thousands of them. Simply activating the Redirection plugin would provide a list of 404 pages, and everything you have to do now is specify the URL to which you would like the visitor to be redirected.

A few final thoughts

There are several plugins that are already worth installing, regardless of the type of site you have. The above mentioned are a few of many best options available and used by best web design company in Delhi for best results.

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