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October 19, 2017


I genuinely thought that you won’t be!
(Itne jyada jhile huye hote hai na hum log k ab to kaan pe juu tak nhi rengti!)
Oh poor fella, hours of running late and thinking of creativity and what you get in return, some stupid “content writer” doing his bits around with bashful negligence towards it, good lord, you deserve better!

That again is a stupid content writer telling you what to do!

I agree with you that almost 50 % more people surf the visual content than the regular internet population, but still you wouldn’t get to the visual part if not for us.

Ever heard about the term keyword? Oh leave it, you didn’t and will never!

Don’t worry just yet as the feeling’s mutual!

the visual content

What are we? Just words and look, again nothing more nothing less!

So, maybe it’s us working together in the past that led to the creation of this universe! What if there was no God, and humans were really made from the PanchTatva i.e. Jal, Vayu, Akash, Prithvi, and, Agni. And humans created more humans and so the process stands. (Until all these homos joined the party!)

Well, they might have had a magical revelation to save this planet and that can only be accompanied with killing humans! Lest I forgot, guns are illegal, but what if we halt the process from right where it starts?

Job done God!

So, leave with this philosophical bull’s crap, we are the real deals of today!

The eyes and ears, without us there is nothing in this world, we alone can jaan phoonk sakte hai into the dead beings.

So, here’s a tribute to one of us hoping that one day the others will get the due credits if only you had some time to finish that darn design!

How we want life to be v/s how people want it to be!

black and white

I repeat, we want life to be just black and white, our words are represented to you in our client’s way!

Don’t you fascinate about going in the black and white era?
I’m not talking about the black and white televisions, instead I’m referring to the idea of having no beauty around. Just black and white! This way there will be no discrimination about what satisfies the craving of your eyes and what forces you to look away!

A world like this, oh I just can’t get enough of the idea!

In a State of War, our clients want us to show creativity!

our clients want us to show creativity

And you thought that this guy was asking for help?

No man! He is doomed already!

Ok, this is Dark!


(Credits: Nathan Pyle)

It’s quite some time since I’ve seen such creativity. One fell down, other is halfway there and the one holding him is standing tall against the bully ger.

Though it was just limited to color pellets, I drew out an emotional meaning of the same.
Not funny man, I was here to talk just fun!

The Cruel Game of Photoshop


I wouldn’t mind having this fella as my doctor.I mean who cares? Vese bhi I would be dead one day, at least you’ll always hear my ghost laugh.

Monetary Issues

Website Business

All good designs ask for money and it’s not just limited to the tools!
As Akshay Kumar says, you can’t put a price tag on love but some things just help you express it better!

I’m not sure whether he was being materialistic, but I’m sure as hell that he didn’t mean it in the design sense.

You need not to listen to him, all you have to be is a little designialistic.

Peter Park-Ker!

graphic designer

I’ll do it!

At Least somebody would click me then!

Our Kind of Venn Diagram!


Aim for the center, only to get fucked from all the sides!

What in the Word is that?

High res logo

World, obviously, sorry for my typo!

Microsoft is vese bhi a whole new world in itself, so not much thing you got against me brother!

I’m not Chetan Bhagat who’ll stand up to take criticism wholeheartedly, I’m not that big-hearted, sorry!



Next time someone tells you to go out and explore the world!
It’s a trap fella! Just sit back and work!

Which one would you choose?

web font size

I knew it!
I knew it from the day one that you’re a racist and fat shaming prick!

Wait a minute, I was supposed to say this, right?

No feminism here bro, pick whatever font you want!

Ok ok, screw me for fucking with your little mermaid!


Corporate Graphic Design Guide

The best one yet!

Help us, we are under attack by geeks!

web design adventures

You got one job bro, yet you ruined it!
Regular people wouldn’t understand if you speak with them in Klingon.
(Sorry bro, couldn’t resist it!)
You don’t worry about it, the guy knows whom I am referring this to!

Aap to move on karo, puri duniya kar rhi h to aap kyun nhi?

The Design Tree

The Design Tree

One thing that I can surely tell you after looking at this picture is that programmers are the coolest people ever!

Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Look at the dog, he is completely clueless about why people photoshopped him in here at the first place!

Really bad guys and God why do you do this to us?

Either give us confidence or take away our ignorance.

The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life


(I’m dead already what do you want me to say?)

Wait till I’m reborn like Bollywood movies.




That’s exactly how I became after the image got load completely!

I’m sure you must have similar feelings, no?

Phew… Looks like I can rest now!

sides projects

I don’t get it!

related to web design

I mean where’s the joke in it?

There’s boolean and true/false, on/off shit, but how’s it related to web design?

I guess you know better, if you get it then please do let me know!

Controlling the Population

Controlling the Population

Of bad web designs obviously!

You do your bit and try kro santan sukh prapti k lie, khin AIDS na ho jaye bs yeh thoda sa dekh liyo bhai!



Can You Turn this Around a Bit?

Can You Turn this Around a Bit?

I’m a designer not a fucking magician.
Go hire someone worthy of such calibre!

The life has come again full circle.

The life circle of graphich designer

That’s shit right there in the blackened part.

Oh, censorship, yha bhi!

The Mediocre One

life of graphich designer

People like this shit ok? Even though it’s mediocre.
Well, I honestly loved the Jesus wali.
It showed our origin, the rest are just the aftermath.

Woh Sb to thk h, pr maza nahi aa raha yr..

psd file icon

Nah! Ab bhi nhi.

You did Great!

the poor fella

Ok, that’s enough!

Why bully the poor fella all the time?

And bdw, don’t forget to collect your reward from my office!

Santa Fulfilled My Wish

Santa Fulfilled My Wish

So what if he asked for money?

Everyone does!

Pisa ki Jhuki Minar


That’s what we read it in the school.
(hindi medium se tha, kr lo aaram se judge!)
Acha nhi kiya? Arre yaar, judge karne k liye hi to btaya tha!

This is how italics look to us, this towers side by side will give even Kurkure run for their money.

The Conclusion

You had a laugh, I had a blast, but guess who didn’t?

Yeah, you guessed it right!

Oh, poor fella kuchi kuchi koo!

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