A Guide to Build Your Own Lead-generating Content Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing

August 7, 2015

Most of the people often stumble when it comes to generating a sound content marketing strategy that promises good returns. It appears as if most of the marketing activities incorporated by the bigger brands end up showing their highly ineffective nature in accordance with the current global scenario. Since they are already well-known, they neglect the risk factor of being redundant with their marketing schemes.

Direct promotional mails end up in the Trash, cold calls are simply ignored, internet and television advertisements get skipped with pleasure! Now that’s a perplexing situation for the digital marketers. The case in point is, how do they come out of this cliche’d nature of advertising, which will actually make sense!

Change is inevitable

If you have observed marketing over the past few years, it has undergone a huge transformation which is quite evident.There are billions of contents that are being published on a regular basis on various platforms over the internet. Thus, as a result, the count of worldwide data consumers is also rising gradually.

Here’s a fact: Only one out of 100 millennials agrees that a compelling advertisement will persuade them to trust the brand and make a purchase.

content managment system

So, it seems that the time has come to pause the random interruptions and let people fetch the data they intent to adjure.

Here is an advise. Stop trying too hard. Don’t go overboard with your content marketing. It doesn’t need to be too complicated. In fact, Content Marketing is actually the tricky part. You can keep it simple, yet bring out the true sophistication you want to present. It all depends on how innovative and out of the box your ideas and strategies resonate on the internet.

As per the company’s business and their plan of action, a reliable result-oriented content marketing strategy can be generated that will ensure better sales and returns, more traffic and overall social engagement.

Does it mean that one needs to be hilarious like The Onion or play the Quizz game by using BuzzFeed ? Well, the answer is no in caps. What is needed from you is to create a reliable content which people fancy and like to read. In a nutshell, the world needs a customer-obsessed culture of developing quality-based user engaging contents.

Did you know that effective content marketers often possess a well-documented content marketing strategy?

Here’s presenting to you 7 step-by-step pointers that will guide you to generate a successful content marketing plan for yourself.


1) Try to document your content marketing technique

It’s better to begin with a sorted content marketing plan which is well-documented, in order to avoid future hassles of data loss, data redundancy, mismatch etc. Keep it simple and easy to interpret.

2) Create a team of Content Marketeers and assign a leader

The job of the leader will be to manage the team and the resources efficiently so as to be accountable for Content Marketing success. A team of savvy writers can definitely do wonders!

3) Focus on creating quality user-engaging contents

Try to publish these quality contents at a gradual basis on good websites (where web traffic is remarkable) and also on your site (if you have one). After all, it’s a smart world with smarter search algorithms, filters and data searchers.

It’s easy to pin-point authentic and redundant content in a jiffy. Try to include imagery, infographics, charts and graphs as well so that you add more value to the textual data, making the content more noticeable and informative (much needed).

4) Understand the importance of user-engagement
Do you perceive the consumer’s journey? Well, it is long process that includes the various stages of a buyer. One needs to understand that there is a string of actions involved in this subtle change in the psyche of a buyer, i.e., from “What is it” to “How do I”.

That’s your role. That’s where your contents, your style, your extra efforts show up.

5) Begin with an owned platform rather than paid ones

As observed, the experts tend to begin with owned platforms so as to be able to witness what resonates on the various social media platforms, and end up creating user engagement.

Thereafter, you can always opt for the paid options.
6) Never underestimate the power of Subscriptions!

Subscriptions are fantastic. They are definitely worth the attention. Not many indulge in understanding the value of subscriptions, but here is an insight. Subscriptions behave as an amazing tool for optimization. It has been observed that they convert to something which truly values business. For instance, business leads, boost in sales, event-related perks are examples of benefits from subscriptions.

7) Track and analyze your Content Marketing Schema

Now that you have been patient enough to implement the best content marketing inputs from your end, it is much-recommended that you start monitoring the gradual changes that sneak into the broader picture of your business. Track the ROI from your content marketing strategy. There are tools available on the internet that help with the analytics process.

This way, one can easily generate some quality leads with the help of a power-packed, yet simple content marketing strategy!

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