How Digital Marketing Agencies have Ruined the Content Forever

Digital Marketing

September 19, 2017

*We did it!*

A common term among marketing companies (or marketing agencies as it sounds cooler)
after achieving a particularly significant feat.

(Worrying about my hypothetical command over grammar? Well cool shouldn’t be a
word after all! It’s ill definition is what makes me feel absolutely loathful towards it.)

They do it; celebrate it every fucking time without giving a second’s thought to looking back.

But, today we’ll point out our fretful fingers towards where it’s long overdue.
Give the above line one more try!

*We did it!*

Get it?

According to StateOfDigital, we’re the ones responsible for this! We’re the trend driven frenzies who like to
convert every Goddamn opportunity that we see or hear without giving a thought to it’s consequences.

Social Media

Now, it’s out in the open to discuss and we can no longer avert our attention from stating the obvious!

What do you see everywhere these days?

Ads! Promotional content to put it more sophisticatedly!

(Leave Whatsapp which doesn’t support Ads, yet!)

5 years back we used to put what we are doing on Twitter, with
whom on Facebook and the elite ones used Instagram for uploading pictures!

Today, let’s introspect ourselves and Look at what we’ve achieved till date!

(Khudke Pairon pe khud hi Kulhadi mar rhe h na? Mana Kulhadi khareedne k Paise aa Gye hain!)


I was the one who wrote about branding at first place and discussed the ways in which you can exploit different platforms to make
a brand out of your business!

Ok, you’ll get a brand, he’ll get a brand, she’ll get a brand, now what?

Just go to Facebook or Google, run some ads, ask people to subscribe and make money!
Or if you’ve become a big brand then you wouldn’t even need that!

People will want to have stories of your offerings continuously in their feed.

Now, you’ll put up a billboard saying something like this.


It’s all good trust me!

But, remember that 10 years down the line, you might have more success stories
than stories!

Ask from yourself, are you ready for the kind of change?

Digital Marketing

Campaigns that Killed it!

Ha ha ha!

Remember this one?

Well, now you know how this industry works!

We are the ones who promoted stories instead of speaking our hearts out!

It’s because of us that nothing looks genuine anymore. And not just us, print media also has a fair
share in our so called success!

  • Somebody cries on Television, it all is because the dedication of their PR team!
  • Somebody dies, we don’t miss the chance to make money out of it!
  • Somebody laughs, we commercialize that too!

If you happen to ever come across the term “Yahan Sab Kuch Bikta Hai”, you’ll know the feel!

Content Marketing

Write a 500 words article in an hour? Well, now starts the real job!

Promoting it! (Otherwise how will people get to that, no?)

Facebook ads, Google adwords, Instagram stories, just tell me one platform that we have spared for the
people to speak their minds and emotions.

When that stops working as people are getting more and more smart thus making it
difficult for us to trap them, we move to becoming “relevant”!

It’s simple, just know what people are talking about, try to be funny, smart and stupid, hijack the conversations with
your overbearing sassy replies (and sometimes you get to be featured in the savage replies category)

People like Neil Patel even use such taglines for
his newsletter:

  • Yes Neil! Teach me how to be successful!
  • No, I don’t want more money!

It all seems like a big marketing goof up to me, but people love such shit and it
drives them to click on what the guy wants!

So, who am I to say anything until they realize the power of words and how they can make or break you!

Growing Footprints on Social Media

Growing Footprints on Social Media

Social media to make people antisocial!

Well, the war on social media was not much help until I stop with my hypocritical ways of encouraging
brands on social media and running some stupid campaigns every now and then for them.

The beloved social media which was used to be a medium to escape from the bounds
of real interactions is now under the jeopardy of getting shot dead or worse!

war on social media

But, it’s all right now as people have gotten used to it! Besides, they don’t have anywhere to file their complaint!

People are helpless, and don’t we absolutely love to laugh at their helplessness?
And people, they cry follies like we’ve robbed them or something!

cry follies

When the truth is something else!

My final point is just what defines everything from what we do and why we do it!

How Brands should Interact with People?

Brands Interact with People

According to the people, we should never budge them and wait for them to reach out to us.

And until then, how do you propose we run this business?

Why are we here? Ask yourself!

You Goddamn wanted us to be here! You’re the real reason for our creation not some
creative entrepreneur knocking doors after doors to dump down his ideas somewhere in the Universe.

So, unless you have a better reason for us to not be here or have a better suggestion for the same, we’ll continue to
hammer you this way!
And remember, you asked for it!


The Conclusion

Just like too many news agencies demolishes the authority of the news, the digital marketing agencies work in the
similar fashion.

Let’s bring back the days when content used to be our priority instead of a better social media marketing agency.

Make Content King Again!

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