How does tagline influence marketing?

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October 17, 2017

Roll the Universe!

To do that you must plan it ahead as it’s not just a model that you can pick up from the market and swirl it around.The first thing you need to prove is your worthiness to apply for the candidature and the downstairs, are just what is needed for now.

What is tagline? How does it influence the market? Does anyone has an answer to that? Even if you have then ok, fine, now read me! The tagline is having a catchy line or slogan that do justification with the brand. Some taglines are so interesting likewise.

kurkure has ‘Teda hai par Mera hai’ saga

this is so savage, like seriously ‘Teda Hai Par Mera Hai’, these catchy taglines are like bliss for the marketing of the product they are selling out,

The tagline of this example has been made in the context of the shape the product has which in a way is doing its job and influencing the customers.

Branding is one of the very important tools of marketing and development like they say:

‘Jo Dikhta hai Woh Bikta hai’!

Except for these guys, who took it a bit too seriously!

right way of marketing

If you don’t see the brand everywhere how will you get to know about its existence? The right way of marketing can boom the sales and popularity of a product, this is where taglines play its part.

Don’t be too honest with the people as you might scare them away!

Bloggs Banks

Human psychology is such, they tend to forget things but sometimes these taglines leave an impression on their brain for an example if we say
‘just do it’ this simply connects you with the flashy and motivational tagline of ‘Nike’. See this is how it connects with individual and mark its importance.

Why brand and tagline are lovers?

Name of a brand and the tagline share a relationship of ‘Romeo Juliet’ i.e. one cannot live without the other. The tagline is not like any khairat ki line, it efficiently marks its presence in the advertising campaign.
(here you can find important tips to build a great advertising campaign)
Choosing a right tagline for the brand is a task itself and companies keep changing and adjusting it until they get right and appropriate tagline for themselves.

For FedEx’s initially the tagline was ‘Our Most Important Package is Yours’ and ‘Why Fool Around with Anyone Else’. Now the fresh and new tagline is ‘The world on time’ it is their tagline now since 2009. So these companies actually take hell lot of time to settle down at one line. It helps to build a relationship b/w consumer and the manufacturer like ‘Hum Sath Sath Hain’.

So, companies, listen up:

Must have in a tagline!
Eye catchy catchy not patchy!
Honestly Misleading!

Taglines need to be eye catchy, now eye catchy doesn’t mean you can make it double meaning or something out of the topic. It should be made keeping the ethnicity of brand in mind.

Eye catchy catchy not patchy

‘Matlab Kuch Bhi Nahi Likhna Hota’
(Acha tum jo kucch bhi image lga rhe ho uska kya?)

Ok, I apologize but tum jo itna muskura rahe ho, kya ghum hai usko chhupa rahe ho?

Agreed! We should stop asking personal questions from now on.
So, coming back at it, your tagline should have relevance with the brand. You imagine if we put up a tagline like this ‘finger licking good’ for McDonald’s it has no relevance to the product McDonald’s selling. One has to be really really careful before they pitch in a tagline for a brand.

Defining the aim

The purpose of keeping a tagline is to give apposite and catchy slogan to the brand. A brand cannot stand alone in the market if it doesn’t have a Slogan that speaks. When you actually make it, things that you need to keep in mind are:

  • Relevance
  • Defines the brand
  • Interesting (not pakau)
  • Relationship building


Let’s talk about relevance and how it defines a brand, both the things go hand in hand. Taglines speak for the brand, it requires being appealing and detailed. A tagline with a meaning gets easier for the people to connect to which is the reason why we build a tagline at the first place.

it connects and make you feel ‘Dil se Dil ka Rishta’.

Relationship building

Defining the Brand

When it comes to defining it ought to be like the soul and Parchai of the brand, just in single line it should give the complete essence of brand because it is:

The line that is gonna stay with the brand name everywhere as it is
‘Saat Janmo ka Rishta’ coz people may die and reborn, but the tagline stays there, intact!

(Unless ofcourse you stop paying the TDI guys!)

Don’t forget it speaks for the brand, don’t let that thought go away even for a split second. Describe everything, make it catchy and connecting this is what it should be. For example, the tagline for ‘BMW’ is ‘The Ultimate driving machine’ this line specifies the fancy and heavy machinery of BMW cars that gives you ultimate driving experience, right?

The objective is Interesting, nonetheless.
(Even though I personally believe that Merce is a lot better!)
The charisma of tagline should be like when you hear it, that just remind you of the brand or thing it is talking about. The fascinating factor about giving this example is to point out the relevant and defining factor we are blabbering about in the pointers above.

A brand becomes its slogan like we’ve been hearing since our childhoods:

‘Zindagi ke Saath Bhi Zindagi ke Baad Bhi’!

when I say it, I undoubtedly can count on everyone to know whose tagline is it!
Exactly, LIC being a life insurance firm, you can totally see why this tagline is interesting, relative and defines the brand, and most importantly connecting with people this kind of tagline is what a brand wants for the best marketing Tactic.

So loosen up your horses, spill the most creative taglines out of your closet and create Relationship or Rishtedari

2 States

Relationship building it is one of the most most important why taglines came into existence. It builds an extension b/w brands and consumers. Slogans give a business name to a brand to set an impression on consumers,

Adidas tagline ‘Impossible is Nothing’

kingfisher’s tagline is ‘King of Good Times’

Two of them are easily recognizable around the world.
See, this is the power of it! It connects people sometimes we don’t remember the brand name, but we remember their taglines like if I say

‘Connecting People’ first thing that’ll come your head is ‘Nokia jiska 1100 tha’.

Nokia 1100

This is called relationship building; all the advertisers revolve around that and smartly market the product to create an extension.

The Conclusion

A brand is an empty soul without its tagline as it defines the ethnicity, taste, class, and, everything about it. This is so influential in terms of marketing, and we need to make it while keeping all the above factors in mind and then strategize the plan for advertising.

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