Key factors that affect your website user experience


March 29, 2023

The key to success lies in user experience. It plays a vital role in attracting traffic, capturing potential leads, and ultimately, driving business growth. Prioritizing user experience is paramount. As a website designing company based in Delhi, we firmly believe that user experience can be the deciding factor in the success or failure of a business. In today’s fiercely competitive market, maintaining a strong focus on user experience is crucial. It should be consistently excellent, seamless, and meet high standards to ensure sustained success and growth.

Here are the 5 key factors that impact the user experience: 

1. Speed and performance: 

Speed and performance are the basic elements of the website. You need to constantly maintain your website’s speed and performance. And to do so, you need to optimize your website and focus on its maintenance aspect. 

As per many studies, users maximum wait up to 3 seconds for the website to load, and if it takes more loading time, then they will bounce to other different types. Along with this, the website should perform upfront to reduce bounce rate and deliver quality ux principles.

2. Responsiveness: 

“Today, the internet is accessible through multiple devices, and one of the most devices is smartphones.” A large chunk of traffic is generated through smartphone users and to put it accurately in numbers more than 50% of traffic is from smartphone users. 

To sustain in this tight competitive market, you need to cater to this part of the audience with a better website experience by avoiding the mistakes. You can do so by making your site compatible with different devices. There are multiple ways of doing it, one of the most common approaches is responsive. 

There are multiple reasons to opt for responsive web design, but the responsiveness of the website matter to improve user experience. 

3. Navigation: 

Navigation is a basic yet crucial part of the website. It is the user journey, where the user will drive through the whole website. Thus, it needs to be simple and easy to understand. The navigation of the website if kept simple and clear can boost your business growth by improving sales. 

Users nowadays want to reach the information or page they are looking for at the earliest. They will spend time engaged in the page they were looking for. But for this, your website navigation should be built accordingly. 

Amazon is one of the largest eCommerce websites in the world. It has thousands of web pages beneath, and finding the required page among so many web pages becomes difficult, so they come up with a search bar, and to improve the user experience, they have a voice search as well. 

4. A good web copy:

The website content is important not only for SEO but for visitors as well. Your content should be engaging, strong, and on-point. You should be distracted and jump from one topic to another. Use the right keywords, use visuals, and use CTAs. These will help you build web copy the right way. 

But you must remember that a good copy adds up to making the user experience better. You need to focus on the copy aspect of the website as well. 

5. Website design and functionalities: 

The website design is more like the face of the website. Users will interact, engage, and navigate through the website design, So it needs to be strong, modern, and engaging for the audience. You must carefully strategize your web design and execute it accordingly. We suggest you check out some of the ongoing trends. This will help you in designing. 

Coming to the functionalities of the website, needs to be strong and up to the industry standards. If your website has strong functionalities, then it can level up your user experience. For this, you need great research skills and build your website functionalities trends accordingly.

These are the 5 key factors that have a direct impact on the user experience. You need to focus on these things and improve them with time. This will help you deliver a seamless user experience like you always wanted. 

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